May 24, 2022

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For a long time with Kovid, she feared she would be “permanently mortgaged”

For a long time with Kovid, she feared she would be "permanently mortgaged"

One year after being infected with COVID-19, Violaine Cousineau is still suffering from the symptoms of the virus and, fearing to live with the consequences, is asking the Legal government to help.

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“There is a real need here. Without care and follow-up, no matter how much we rot at home, if not permanently, there is a risk of being held hostage in the long run. So we beg the government to help us,” she asks in an interview with LCN.

The French teacher at CEGEP has not returned to work since she was infected with the coronavirus.

“I didn’t work. Although reading is my job, I can no longer read,” Ms. Cousino said.

Although the next person did not need to be hospitalized, she realized that something had gone wrong even after 10 days when she had symptoms.

“I never thought I would have months or years to go through this. As time went on, after a month or two, more and more strong symptoms appeared. Tachycardia, the heart beats faster, it gets worse over time,” the mother explains.

A year later, she is worried that the symptoms will continue.

“When we spend a year definitely sick, like everyone else, I say to myself: ‘Will it last? Will it last forever?’ She is shocked.

Like her, Violin Cousino lamented the few treatment centers available to thousands of Quebecs struggling with chronic COVID.

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“We beg the government to help us. Not just me as an individual, but everyone, wherever we live in Quebec,” she pleads.

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