May 28, 2022

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Municipal elections | Movement Montreal lost two more candidates

Municipal elections |  Movement Montreal lost two more candidates

Two candidates from Mercier-Hochelaga-Mysonnev borough have left the election race for the Balarama Holiness Party Movement Montreal.

Leila Dussault

Leila Dussault

They are Jean-Philippe Martin, who is hoping for the position of city councilor for the district of Hochela, and Sylvain Medzalabenlet, a candidate for the same position for the Mysoneau-Longue-Pointe district.

Election Montreal announced two withdrawals on Saturday morning.

Said Jean-Philippe Martin Tap He decided to continue his comments until the ballot was completed on November 7.

In an email sent to Tap, Montreal mayoral candidate Balarama Holiness, the head of the Montreal Montreal, said he wished “luck” to the two former candidates. “I hope they succeed in their next adventure,” he added.

Fewer players for Movement Montreal

MM Martin and Medzlabenzaleth were originally in the race for Mark-Antoine Deszardins’ Rallyment Pour Montreal Party.

Remember, the Rallyment Montreal pour and the Movement Montreal merged on September 30th. Last Tuesday, Mark-Antoine Deszardins quit the race by announcing that he was withdrawing his candidacy for mayor of the race in the Tramont borough. The Rallyment Montreal and the Movement Montreal have major differences regarding the status of the French language and the definition of police.

On October 12, Balarama reiterated that a referendum would be held for Montreal to gain bilingual city status if Holness is elected.

Three other candidates have resigned from the Montreal Protocol since the election campaign began. They are Mark-Andre Bahl (District-Mary-Victorine), Jean-Pierre Bovine (Champlain District-Lele-des-Source) and Kattik Ebruchumian (Robert-Baurasa District).

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Balarama Holness suffered another blow this week when the CBC published a report on Montreal in Action, a non-profit organization he founded. Former members have publicly stated that Mr. Holiness does not have the qualifications to lead Montreal. From November to December 2020, almost every member of the Montreal Board of Action and the Executive Team resigned, with some feeling that their work was being neglected or that their work was being ruined.