May 28, 2022

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See: A CH achieves a sublime goal with hope

See: A CH achieves a sublime goal with hope

Canadians Arsene Khisamutinov, currently playing for the Trois-Riviers Lions in the ECHL, scored a stunning goal against the Newfoundland Groilers on Friday night.

Although Joan appeared alone behind two enemies at the entrance, the Russian was surprisingly impressed by the muzzle of one of his roofers, and then completed his crazy sequence by firing an accurate shot into the skylight.

Khisamuttinov, created by CH in the sixth round of the 2019 draft, played in the KHL during the 2019-2020 season. He made his debut with Laval Rocket last year.

The first victory awaits

As for the game, the Trois-Rivières Lions failed to sign the first win in their history, in their second duel, at the Coliseum Videotron on Friday, once again falling in front of the Groilers, this time from 3 to 1 mark.

Audiences’ favorites are given once each season. Orrin Sentajo allowed the visitors to return to the locker room with a goal lead 20 minutes later, beating goalkeeper Philippe Desrosier‌ a minute before the end of the engagement.

Todd Burgess doubled his lead as the Lions took advantage of a one-man advantage in the second period. Jack O’Brien hit the other net of the Groilers in the empty net.

The Lions will now hit the road in the rival arena for their first game on Friday as they face the Main Mariners.

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