December 1, 2023

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Affordable and Efficient Ways To Give Your Windows Some Serious Cleaning

Yes, it’s that kind of chore that can make even an experienced housekeeper cringe and delay the dreaded task. Yet, crystal-clean windows contribute greatly to the overall feeling of coziness and let more sunshine (or moonlight) in. We hope that this motivation, plus our simple but workable tips, will help you cope with the job faster and with less trouble.

Although the market offers plenty of dedicated liquids and sprays for window washing, the best solutions are always at a hand’s reach, if you ask us. The regular dish soap and vinegar will do the trick of unblocking the sunlight and making the windows totally spot-free.

So, before you attack those stubborn streaks and spots, set your tools straight, fill a bucket with lukewarm water and check if you have that dish soap and vinegar.

  1. You will need a bucket of water, several lint-free cloths, dish soap and vinegar, a spraying bottle, a squeegee, and a sponge mop on a long handle. If you need to prevent cleaning water from spilling all over the floor, add a big towel or two.
  2. Put towels on the floor under the window and add a spoon of dish soap to the bucket.
  3. Soak the cloth in the solution and start washing the window from the top down. If the window is high, use a sponge mop soaked in the soap solution.
  4. Wash the whole window pane, plus wipe the frames with the cloth.
  5. Fill the spray bottle with the vinegar solution at the ratio of 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water. E.g. two cups of water plus one cup of vinegar.
  6. Spray the washed window pane with this solution and wipe it dry carefully, using the lint-free cloth.
  7. If the window is wide enough, use a squeegee to dry it. Spray the glass and run the squeegee from the top down, with each run overlapping a bit over the previous one.
  8. Don’t get stressed if there is some remaining dirt. Repeat the procedure from the step of washing with soap solution to the step with vinegar spraying and drying. Two cycles are usually enough to make the inside of your window shine.
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Now it’s time to go out. If you live in your own house, it’s much easier, definitely. You soak the windows using the water hose, wash them with the soap solution, and vinegar-spray with the following drying. Repeat the cycle two or three times, since the outer sides of windows are covered in dust and dirt that can be stubborn.

If you live in an apartment high above the ground, window cleaning can become a challenge. In this case, we recommend that you buy a window-cleaning robot and use it regularly. It’s a cool and funny contraption consisting of two parts, where the outside part with sponges connects to the inside part with the engine via strong magnets. It travels across your windows, secured by a string anchored inside your room.

Yet there is another smart solution: you can hire an experienced team of window-cleaners that are operating in big cities like Toronto and have your windows cleaned without lifting a finger. One such team is available at and we can guarantee that their work will exceed the highest of your expectations. It’s time to get some sunshine now!

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