March 25, 2023

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“It’s Heartbreaking”: Jean-Marc Genrex talks to Dance with the Stars (excluded)

"It's Heartbreaking": Jean-Marc Genrex talks to Dance with the Stars (excluded)

In this year Dance with the stars, This is the first time Jean-Mark Generics Nope. The show’s iconic judge actually decided to leave the ship in 2019 after the anniversary season aired on TF1. Jean-Mark Genrex then quickly Changed to France 2 To animate ExcellentThe second edition will be released on October 30. A big change in his career does not prevent him from paying attention to his novelties Dances with stars. For, He shared his opinion and re-examined the reasons for his departure.

Are you sorry for being gone Dance with the stars ?

That’s it With my 22-year-old daughter this year it was impossible to participate with a severely disabled person. It was heartbreaking but it was a family choice and I could not choose my job. Francisca was with us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so before, she looked after us from Monday to Friday, but it was out of the pandemic, no longer in service.

What do you think about the new season and the new rules?

It is well utilized and the casting afterwards is awesome. This is a panoramic view of completely different people. We are in a very good frenzy. Proof, young people are there. I want this show to continue, we need to dance on TV. There is a huge challenge and nothing on display is easy. Everything depends on the professional dancers, including Hatsoff, Camille Campbell, who gives bananas, Karen Ferry, who takes charge of the evening, and Hatsoff to the jury, which is fun and varied. Leading the way is Chris Marquez, who continues his good work. Denitsa Ikonomova is amazing, it is to be expected, there are no surprises (laughs). Franకోois Alu seeks the perspective of this scene and he is a great creator and artist. And Jean-Paul Gaultier has already become a director and a great courier … don’t throw it away anymore, the room is full!

Are you still in touch with the show crew? Including Chris Marquez, Denitsa Ikonomova …

Not so much because I’m so busy and I know what it is Dance with the stars, It was an explosion that lasted three months, even four months. So they don’t even have time. It competes against time. We don’t have time to socialize. In fact, with Chris we are texting each other, he is the person I will probably be connected to all my life. It’s like Denitsa, Christian Millet …

At the same time, you work for Quebec shows Revolution And So I think you can dance. You must have a very busy schedule!

Yes but I have a wonderful family, it helps me and a lot is happening to me in Canada. Easy to maintain because I can come home, give my wife a hand, something I have not been able to do for the last ten years. Good with what Excellent, Since I’ve been coming to France for almost ten days, we’ve been doing number two and booming I’ll be back. Corn, Dance with the stars, 3 or 4 months there. When I get home, it’s sometimes only 24 hours.

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