May 24, 2022

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Matthew Perrault, the most unknown cubsber in the NHL

Matthew Perrault, the most unknown cubsber in the NHL

Matthew Perrault will never forget the three-goal game against the Detroit Red Wings in Montreal Canadians uniform.

We do not know what his future will be, but he may have had the best moment of his career in the National Hockey League.

Originally from Drummondville, Perrault is playing his 13th season in the NHL and will soon reach the 700-game plateau played on the Betman Circuit.

This is awesome.

On the other hand, I want to tell you that what Perl played in the NHL is anonymous.

When it comes to Quebecars, we talk about Mark-Andre Fleury, Christopher Letang, Patrice Bergeron, Jonathan Huberdeau, Pierre-Luke Dubois, Anthony Mantha, Mark-Edward Vlasic, David Perron, Jonathan Folstoy, and so on. Droin, Yanni Gourde and so on. But very rarely, do we think of Matthew Perrault.

However, he has rolled his bum in the best league in the world since 2009. Without a drum or trumpet, Peralt is on his way, helping the teams he has developed. He never scored 20 goals and he never collected 50 points in a season. However, his great mastery sets him apart from most players. It can be used for penalty kill or purpose. He can play on the fourth line on the wing and in the middle.

Very few players today boast of offering such diverse games.

Peralt never complains. He is not always distracted. Peralt is a man and a brilliant player and he always knows what he has to do for a great and long career in the NHL. In fact, his head coach at Winnipeg, Paul Morris, never hid to say how much he adored him.

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And Saturday night comes the game.

Three goals in his childhood team uniform. A cult. The first star of the game.

Until a rare time in his career, the focus was on him. I could see in his eyes that he was enjoying the moment. Perlatt took the time to appreciate this wave of love and appreciation.

Sometimes young players who are familiar with the game experienced by Perialt, expect to get the same feeling many times in their career and they do not realize what they are experiencing.

Saturday night was not Matthew Perrault. At 33, Cubeser took the time to fully enjoy this moment. A precious moment in the form of recognition for all the efforts and sacrifices he has made since the beginning of his career.