May 19, 2022

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Pyrenees Gaming: Demon Slayer comes on cult manga consoles

Pyrenees Gaming: Demon Slayer comes on cult manga consoles

Cult manga was first adapted into a video game. A title that will delight fans but may have a little trouble convincing neophytes.

On May 19, the day theaters reopened after months of stagnation, the animated film Demon Slayer made everyone agree. With more than 500,000 admissions in two weeks, the movie parody of Koyoharu Gotoge’s manga went straight to the best openings of the year.

Another predictable feat for this manga is the real machine that sells paper in 2016. It is sufficient for its beneficiaries to transfer the license to other media, and therefore to film and now video games.

Two game modes

“Demon Slayer The Hinocomy Chronicles” – its full name – was released on PlayStation and Xbox a few days ago, delighting fans of the series. At the helm, we found CyberConnect 2 studio in the very successful Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series.

This adaptation of the manga offers two different stages of the game. The first is the story mode that takes the first 69 chapters of the manga and ends with the animated film script‌ released last May.

As for the manga, the game of CyberConnect 2 tells us the story of a young coal seller Tanziro Commodo. The next person finds out one day that his family has been killed by a ghost. Only her sister Nezuko survived, but at any cost she was transformed into a monster, leaving only a slight hint of humanity.

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Tanziro does everything he can to save her and take on the role of demon slayer (Demon Slayer in Boris Johnson language).

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And in the manga, where action and adventures follow each other without blinking, here it is very little. The pace is sluggish and the action gets stuck. Although there are a few scenes, we quickly leave the controller as this game mode has its tips of boring quick.

CyberConnect 2 takes the first 69 chapters of the title manga.


Series fans however should find their account there. They are especially appreciated for finding Japanese voices of anime. However, nothing beats the manga or the animated version of the license to enjoy the Demon Slayer story.

Successful fights

The second game mode is related to combat. First disappointment: There are only twelve characters that can be played (plus six alternate versions). This does not prevent the fan service from doing the rest. The current characters are perfect, as well as the sets, loyal to the manga, reinforcing the immersion of these fights. This game mode also takes advantage of multiplayer mode, which does not spoil the case.

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CyberConnect2 makes the title mostly for fans. Thanks to the successful combat system, it allows players with little understanding of the license to have fun anyway, while others are sometimes a little confused, especially during story mode.

Demon Slayer: The Hinocomy Chronicles. PC, PlayStation and Xbox. 59.99 euros.