May 28, 2022

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Jean Critin has never “heard” about residential school abuse

Jean Critin has never "heard" about residential school abuse

This issue was never mentioned when I was a minister. Never, He answered a question asked by host Guy A. LePage about the physical and sexual abuse, abuse and disappearance that has been going on there for decades.

These facts have been extensively documented by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. (New window) Returned to the news center in 2015, and later this year Discovery of hundreds of unmarked bodies Near the former boarding schools in the country.

Naturally, I knew there were boarding schools, the last of which was closed over when I was prime minister, Ie In 1997, A former politician, was invited to the exhibition to discuss his latest autobiography: My new stories.

Mr. Creighton, who served as prime minister from 1993 to 2003, then wanted to draw parallel to the traditional college boarding schools he attended in his teens to qualify for college.

Former Prime Minister Jean Cretan explained that there was a need for a university at the time, as there was a border in the classical colleges.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Karen Dufour

In Shavinigan, we did not have a science college, we had to go to Trois-Riviers or Joliet, he explained. So I ate roasted beans and oatmeal. It was hard, but our parents insisted on going to college and we had to do it.

The remarks came as a shock to author Michael Jean, who was also invited to the show after the former prime minister.

I, Mr. Christian, with all due respect, do not recognize what a primitive residential school is, Jean, who is lightning, responded. The term boarding school makes people think it is a school, and when it is not, you teach people to write.

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Unlike classical colleges to attend university, Residential schools are mandatory. For decades, Indigenous children across the country were torn from their families and forced to convert to Christianity.

Michelle Jean is also on the show to discuss her latest book, Theohti, Gave examples of the abuse his family members experienced there. Someone in my family who went to Fort George Residential School was sexually harassed every day for eight years by a nun.

It’s called a boarding school, but it’s not a school.

M. Jean on set.

Yet author Michelle Jean was shocked by Mr. Creatian’s comments about residential schools for aborigines.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Karen Dufour

Excuses are suggested against

In his book, Jean-Cretian also mentions that he advised the Queen of England not to apologize to the Maori people in New Zealand for the task assigned to them by the British colonial administration.

He tells her: Maharaja, if you start, I will have to bring you to Canada and since we have several hundred indigenous communities you will be on your knees for at least two years.

When asked about this episode, Mr. Cretian apologized, We are good at doing this, but one thing is important, and that is the future.

We cannot rewrite history, Continued the 87-year-old politician. This is a very difficult problem.

I also adopted an Indian son, Pointing out that this was the idea of ​​his wife Aline pointing out that it was Canadians Adopted children from all over the world, But never Young Indian male.

It proves my attachment to this problem, but it is very difficult. And it is important to make sure they have a future.

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Mr. Cretian underlined the progress made in education in recent decades in particular.

Experience is worth it

In his book, Mr Cretian argues that while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his team want to become large-scale reformers, their lack of experience in achieving that goal is even more apparent.

On set Everyone talks about it, He said based on his personal experience and the value he finds in more experienced colleagues.

When I came to Parliament, Mr. Pearson very quickly took me as his Parliamentary Secretary, and then he sent me to the Ministry of Finance., He recalled.

He said to me, ‘Go to the finance department with Michelle Sharp’, he is a deputy minister, a businessman. He said to me: ” There you will learn. ” And Michelle Sharp became my mentor.

He said he had been advised voluntarily for a decade after he became prime minister.

The experience of Mr. Pearson, as well as the experience of Mr. Sharp, I am today.

Relations between Canada and China have been strained (New window), Mr. Creatin is practical.

China has become a major power. It will eventually overtake those who join the Americans. We don’t like their food, but they are there.

We need to keep in touch with them as the world economies are interconnected. And then the chicken does not lead anywhere, you should try to have the best relationships possible, He added.