May 28, 2022

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Patient care: Barrett supports Legalt for physicians

Patient care: Barrett supports Legalt for physicians

Former Liberal Health Minister Gotton Barrett has made no secret of it: he wants Franకోois Legalt to succeed in forcing family doctors to care for more patients.

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This week, the Prime Minister raised his voice against ordinary practitioners. When more than 800,000 citizens still do not have a family doctor, he threatened to legislate to force them to work more. We are a long way from the CAQ’s commitment to providing a doctor for all Cubans.

“I hope he will eventually go, because there is no doctor to go from there, there will be no exodus, only some doctors will grieve because they will lose a certain standard of living,” the member began in an interview for La Pioneer.

When he was head of health for the Coulard government, Gotton Barrett passed Bill 20, which provides for financial penalties of up to 30% of the salary if a physician does not take the minimum number of patients. These restrictions never applied.

Whether Franకోois Legalt used this tool or another, the important thing is the conclusion in Dr. Barrett’s view. “Someone else to complete my version, I have no problem. Legalt will take a path to get to the same destination as me, I hope he succeeds,” he stressed.

According to the radiologist, the physician’s responsibility is so important that the “implicit” social contract comes through this job. Cubes have the right to expect “timely and quantitative services” from physicians.

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However, Guyton Barrett warned the Prime Minister not to introduce a new pay system for general practitioners.

The CAQ has pledged to include a portion of the “capitation” in the election campaign, i.e., revenue calculated not only by law but also by the number of patients treated.

“I’m sorry. No (fashion) is perfect and everyone has their flaws. We’re targeting capitation, but that has led to a massive reduction in pure capitation services everywhere. Rejects the notion, ”he pleaded.