December 5, 2023

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Shia Weber reunites with Seattle colleagues

Shia Weber reunites with Seattle colleagues

Unqualified to play indefinitely, Montreal Canadians captain Shea Weber will also be part of the squad in Seattle on Tuesday.

Weber, who has spent his time in British Columbia since the start of the season, takes advantage of visiting Hobbs Province to reconnect with his teammates.

Weber’s body is in critical condition, as determined by medical tests after the end of the last playoffs. CH’s general manager, Mark Bergewin, has not raised hopes of a recent return to the game, suggesting a possible retirement instead.

Weber’s absence from Montreal to greet fans and players during the Hobbs home opener against the New York Rangers has been the talk of the town.

CH had an appointment with Kraken on Tuesday evening. He is looking for his second consecutive win after a 6-1 win over the Detroit Red Wings last Saturday. It was Dominic Ducharm’s first win of the season, with five defeats to start the regular season.

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