June 5, 2023

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Anda Seat Phonetic Edition: Comfortable and spacious gaming chair

Anda Seat Phonetic Edition: Comfortable and spacious gaming chair

The first reason to buy a chair Anda Seat Phonetic Edition Clearly and if you like Phoenix‌. We like to prevent, otherwise there will not be much interest in investing in this gaming chair for your newest setup. As we all know there are other things to consider: Design is important but not everything!

At first glance

You only need one glance to notice the phonetic logo sewn across the chair. Headrest side. Backrest front and rear. Black and orange are also a feature of the company. But its dimensions are also amazing. This armchair size is XL This especially gives you more space for your legs. Whether you are tall or short, there are huge benefits to this.

For example, if you want to play cross-legged, you can do it without worry. This chair is also suitable for a weight of 200 kg with a seat locked in a vertical position. This is the main advantage as most chairs rarely weigh more than 120 kg.

The other advantage of this egg seat Its back is bent up to 160 degrees. So you can lay your chair horizontally in case you want to sit a little at your desk. Armrests can also be adjusted horizontally, vertically, wide and diagonally, giving your arms more freedom. However, we are worried that they will not go down, especially for the little ones in us.

Despite its majestic size property, She can too Becomes uncomfortable very quickly. If you do not have much space in your home is enough and this purchase will become the most messy of all. In addition, this product is definitely not very suitable for small players, they can turn on a more standard sized chair.

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Ergonomics, where are you?

Adjustable cushions with memory foam Included with chair. This allows you to play in a more ergonomic position. There are two in total: one for the lower back and the other for the neck. A simple pair of rubber bands allows you to attach them to the seat. Regarding their coating, it is synthetic velvet. The advantage is that you have to sweat less compared to synthetic leather. In addition to the cosmetic side, it also and above all allows you to have real pelvic support.

Because it has to be said that without these cushions. The ergonomics of the chair is not its strong point. The foam completely replaces the seat, but never removes it. If you are struggling with this type of support, your back is clearly not the best. This happens in the case of many seats of the same type, but it is unfortunate.

In fact, if you decide not to use cushions, It can be very difficult if you configure the seat To make you feel good there. You sit very upright with space between the backrest and your back or slip completely without real support. Those with back pain are advised to go for more convenient ones.


You have a handbrake-type lever on the side to adjust the chair to your liking and to maintain the tilt. You also have access to the lever under the seat on the left. This prevents the backrest from locking to bend backwards. Finally, a gas spring allows you to adjust the height of the chair. So there is so much to do!

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L ‘Anda Seat Phonetic Edition It will not be cheap as you will have to pay A modest amount of 429.99 To get it. However, if you want to invest in a “high-end” gaming chair that offers space and comfort, it meets your expectations. However, please note that while it is almost impossible, it can be very difficult to assemble alone.

Feeling Bon

Spacious is the term best used to describe the Anda Seat Phonetic Edition. If you’re a “big” player or like to get into improbable positions – and especially if you have enough space at home – she can definitely do the trick. However, we regret its lack of ergonomics when removing memory foam cushions. For the rest, if you’re a fanatic fan she will do what she asks and more.


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