May 24, 2022

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Is the minimum wage too low in Quebec?

Is the minimum wage too low in Quebec?

The idea of ​​raising the minimum wage to $ 20 an hour provokes a heated debate over the current amount, which many believe is too low.

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Currently, approximately 200,000 cubes receive a minimum wage of $ 13.50 per hour.

“Although working full-time, there are people queuing at food banks. Why? Because the minimum wage in Quebec is so low,” Gabriel Nadou-Dubois, the parliamentary leader of Quebec Solidarity, told the National Assembly.

On Monday, Cogeco President Louis Audette launched the idea of ​​raising the minimum wage to $ 20.

“How can we help if we go for 25 cents.” Nothing happens. So I tried more than people targeted, ”he said.

A proposal in Quebec that the Prime Minister supported his government on this issue had an impact.

“Since we were here, we have raised the minimum wage. It must be done in a prudent manner without harming the economy, ”Franకోois Legalt told the National Assembly.

Finance Minister Eric Girard, for his part, did not recommend “such significant discretionary adjustments.”

“To avoid this discreet discussion each spring, we set a rule: there will be a significant increase in the minimum wage by 50% of the average hourly wage and based on what I see this year,” he told the press briefing.

The Legalt government wants to put money back in the pockets of Quebecs.

This indicates tax cuts in the mini-budget to be introduced next November.

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