December 9, 2023

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Law Press in France | Aline finds his audience

Law Press in France |  Aline finds his audience

(Paris) It premiered on Monday, at the Grand Rex in Paris, with a screening of the film. Align, Celine Dion is freely inspired by life.

Stephanie Morin

Stephanie Morin

In a room filled with distinguished guests (including Ines de la Fressanz and Miss France‌), but more than all the people, the film received a solid welcome. There was no applause, but there was a long applause throughout the closing credits. And when singer Victoria Cio, who provided her voice to Alain for many of the songs in the film, appeared on stage to cover two Celine Dion hits (in English), the audience jumped in to dance.

After the screening, actor Sylvain Marcel said, “It’s a great love to receive it all at once. The man who played Rene Angel’s cinematographic double Guy-Claude Comer was delighted to find himself in the” biggest movie in Europe “with his filming colleagues.

Tonight is the culmination of much anticipation as the film was supposed to be released a year ago. Finally, it was inside the house and this evening, it was performed in front of a real audience …

Sylvain Marcel

The film will be screened at the last Cannes Film Festival. Daniel Fichad, who plays Aline’s mother, said, “There have been three times as many responses than in Cannes.” I’m still pressing! “At the end of the screening, she resumed a line from the movie and greeted the audience:” Be careful when you get home. A comment greeted by the audience with amusement.

Image courtesy of Caramel Films

Valerie Lemercier enthusiastically embodied the character of Alain. Victoria Cio, who attended the screening of the film on Monday night in Paris, provided most of the song sections for the film.

Laugh more than usual

Audiences laughed a lot at the Grand Rex on Monday night, especially at the beginning of the film, when director and actress Valerie Lamerzier starred alongside the 5-year-old. According to the relevant principal, this is about “Laughter of Convivance”. “The French know they ‘ve been playing with children for a long time. They know, it’s not in Quebec.”

Some of the jokes about the characters’ Quebecois accent also made people very responsive. The film emphasizes at times more on the Quebec pronunciation of certain words, provoking bursts of laughter from the French audience each time. We may wonder how the Quebec people respond to these same parts …

Image courtesy of Caramel Films

Actress Valerie Lemmersier, who played the role of Sylvain Marcel, alongside Rene Angelil’s cinematographic double Guy-Claude Comer.

At the end of the show, the Quebec actors received huge applause when they came on stage. Valerie delighted Lemercier. “I am so happy to be back with my beloved Quebec family. ”

I’m proud of all the Quebec actors who starred in this film. Thanks to them, the end result is better than on paper. This is beyond my expectations. I rarely have partners who play so happily!

Valerie Lemercier

These happy partners will have the opportunity to work together for a few more days as they begin great round interviews on French television and radio. And all these beautiful people will soon meet in Montreal, the film will be screened on our side in the Atlantic on November 26th.

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