May 24, 2022

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Shea Weber: A saga critiqued without restraint

Shea Weber: A saga critiqued without restraint

Shea Weber being in Seattle with her Canadian colleagues makes some people indifferent.

While some are happy that the captain’s visit will benefit the troops, others are of the opinion that his nebulous condition will hamper the team and should be clarified at least of late.

Currently, the information provided in the defender’s case is that he is “injured in the long run and has no plans to return this season.” Since the end of the summer, however, we have heard everywhere that Weber’s career may just be over.

“Didn’t it become distracting by any chance?”

Curious about his colleague’s question, analyst Maxim Lapierre went there with this answer.

“I don’t think being in Seattle is harmful. He is still a friend to the boys. But he mortgaged so much that if he retires, yes, in fact, another captain will take over.

“But if he really withdraws and he knows it, why does he hide it?”, Retorts Morissette.

Eric Fichad presented his theory.

“If he retires, Nashville will have to pay. Weber, out of respect for his old company, I think they don’t want to do that.

The answer did not fail to sting Dave Morrisset quickly.

“So we’ll hurt the hospital for that!”

Mark a question in the locker room

Maxim Lapierre, while happy with Weber’s presence in Seattle, also emphasized his frustration with the many gray areas surrounding the future of “Mountain Man”.

“The thing I don’t like is that there is a question mark in the locker room. The boys are wondering if he will ever come back. And if the players feel that he is the end .. why not name another captain. If Weber wants to be in the company without playing, that’s okay. But it’s called an assistant coach. Let’s give him a role, but not as a captain if he’s not part of the team.

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Fichard Illico Presto resumed the discussion.

“Until his retirement is formalized, you should not be the man we call a captain. The player who does this feels very bad … “

For Dave Morrisset, by contrast, it is important to appoint a captain as soon as possible. Leadership was very low among Canadians at the start of the season and the host said we needed to find a new leader quickly.

“Seriously guys, it’s a big clich to say that a player doesn’t need a captain’s title to be a leader. If we really want to move forward, that should be the next step. “

Watch the (instead of muscle) continuation of this discussion in the video above.