February 23, 2024

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The flu pandemic could be even more serious this year, Hauts-de-France’s ARS warned

Fin 2020, il y a eu une ruée sur les vaccins contre la grippe

Should we expect a more serious influenza pandemic this year? Health officials fear this. The new wave of Covid-19 should not reach the maximum level of influenza at the same time, warns the Hauts-de-France Regional Health Agency, which has launched an appeal: Notice to target population, caregivers, pregnant women, people over 65, vaccinate against the flu as soon as possible And do not lower the barrier signals. This is because of the cumulative effect of both, i.e. last year, the influenza virus spread much less.

Last year in Hauts-de-France 56% of the target population was vaccinated against influenza.. Knowing that the World Health Organization recommends 75%, the ARS expects to reach 65% this year. And if the Kovid-19 figures rise slightly, the ARS indicates that we are very relaxed in terms of obstacle signals.

“When we’m woozy, we take the reflex to put on the mask!”

Everyone was blown away for the flu shots last year, Gregory Temprimont, Pharmacist in Cummins (North) and President of the URPS Pharmacist Union: “Ordered to avoid shortage of 17% higher doses this year.”

With control, the flu spread less last year, there was no epidemic, which means there were no serious cases. And then, according to Jean-Marc Vandendris, regional director of the Health Insurance Medical Service in Hauts-de-France Inhibitory signals have also proven their effectiveness against all viruses : “Culturally, it’s good to learn to practice barrier gestures ourselves when there is a risk of the virus spreading!

“Two doses in each hand, it’s not much yet!”

Last year’s low flu meant we had a lower level of immunity this year, Dr. Franకోois Vandekondalere, a general practitioner in Lavender, near Lille, warned. So you should now be vaccinated against the flu and with your booster dose against Kovid-19 you can kill exactly two birds with one stone, which poses no risk: “It’s still not much compared to our babies who receive two doses in one hand, ten vaccines at a time and live very well and do not worry!”

But now to combine the influenza vaccine and the third dose, you must adapt The previous dose was more than six months, I.e. before the end of April.

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