May 18, 2022

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The cloud gaming service is installed on the Xbox Series

The cloud gaming service is installed on the Xbox Series

It’s been a few weeks since the GeForce Now service was made available on the Xbox Edge browser, a test phase for Microsoft and Nvidia, as the service has finally been locked, for a much better official return.

It is now possible to get GeForce Now cloud gaming service directly on the Xbox Series S and X to play games purchased on Steam, GoG, Epic Games.

As on PC, the service offers a free offer with limited sessions in time and definition. Other offers make it possible to get the definition, but benefit from direct access to the game. Currently, keep in mind that the GeForce Now service is also highly effective: it offers much less input logs compared to competition such as Stadia, Shadow or Microsoft’s xCloud service.

Xbox Series S |  La Nouvelle Xbox 100% Digital |  Compatible 4K HDR

Recently, Nvidia announced the arrival of a new offer guaranteeing operation under the RTX 3080 and streaming in 4K with less input log‌. All that remains is the need to have a strong enough internet connection to get the full benefit of the service.

Currently, access to GeForce Now is still done through the Edge browser integrated into the consoles, but we hope that a dedicated application will be offered soon.

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