May 18, 2022

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The Cogeco president requested a minimum wage of $ 20

The Cogeco president requested a minimum wage of $ 20

In a difficult financial context, where Inflation hit a record high, Mr. Audet started a cobblestone in the pond, which did not fail to start a discussion not only in the unions and the government but also in the business community.

In an interview on the show Tuesday Live with Patrice Roy, As the gap between rich and poor widens, societies face unrest, Louis Audette explains.

This is what history has taught us since ancient times, He stressed.

To illustrate his point, Cogeco boss spoke about events that have marked the news in the world over the past two years.

The reason for what you are noticing is the attack on the Capital in the United States, the yellow dress in France, and the Brexit in the United Kingdom. When the people are adequate, social unity is lost, and when social unity is broken, democracy is undermined.

A quote from:Louis Audette, President of Cogeco

Mr Audet, however, said he had no solution to the inequality problem. But he did not agree that people were still living below the poverty line.

I am not an economist and I do not claim to have all the answers. I suggest $ 20 because 830,000 people living below the poverty line in Quebec are above the poverty line. But I am sure there are economists in government who can give the right answer.

He clarified that his proposal was a A directional forecast […] That is the goal we must strive to achieve so that every person can live with dignity.

When faced with the risk of inflation following a significant increase in the minimum wage he proposes, Mr. Audet said he was not worried.

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Over the past six years, the minimum wage has risen by 30% and inflation averaged 1.6%, He insisted Current inflation of 4% is temporary.

Mr Audit clarified that the government must monitor this action. State oversight should be exercised to keep competition neutral.

In addition, the owner of Cogeco says that his company’s employees earn less than $ 20 and that the company is looking into the situation. Is not acceptable.

Responding briefly during the press briefing, Finance Minister Eric Girard, Mr. Audet does not seem excited about the proposal.

To avoid this discreet discussion each spring, we set a rule: 50% of the average hourly wage. There will be a significant increase in the minimum wage based on what I see this year, He announced.

On the other hand, Union neighborhoods welcome the proposal. Denise Boldak, General Secretary FTQ, Says: Can’t wait to clap.