March 24, 2023

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Public Housing Access for the Elderly | “Denial of rights” and “unnecessary coups,” the ombudsman said

Public Housing Access for the Elderly |  "Denial of rights" and "unnecessary coups," the ombudsman said

(Quebec) Protect du Citoen described the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) in a special report on access to public housing for the elderly. In addition to identifying “significant regional disparities”, the practices of the CISSS and CIUSSS lead to “denial of rights” and “unnecessary revolts” for seniors and their relatives looking for accommodation.

Funny Levesk

Funny Levesk

The methods observed in health institutions in the province lead to “denial of rights” and “unnecessary revolts” in the efforts of the elderly and their relatives to obtain public accommodation, writes Protectre du Citoen, Mary Rinfret. Special report released on Wednesday.

M.Me The Rinfret investigation later confirmed the right to “choose one’s care institution” for the elderly “to be regularly abused or withdrawn” as well as the right to be “adequately informed”. She noted that “forced” and “rushed” movements within 24 hours were “the cause of repeated pain” in seniors.

“Contrary to the rights” of the elderly and “frequent and prolonged use of transitional accommodation normalizes a form of homelessness towards the end of life”.

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Mary Rinfret

These rigorous observations are taken from a separate report For access to public accommodation that respects the rights and needs of the elderly and their families. In 2018, Protectrais du Citoen undertook systematic research on the rules and practices for access to public accommodation. It studied the access mechanisms of 22 CISSS and CIUSSS and analyzed complaints and reports between 2015 and 2019.

“Every year in Quebec, 21,000 seniors who are no longer safe at home come out against complex access to the accommodation system, which is a source of meaninglessness, long-term expectation and frustration,” M concluded.Me Rinfret. “These people, at a crucial stage in their lives, are in danger, suddenly confusing themselves completely, exterminated and they have to move at full speed to an unexpected new environment,” he said. -She.

Quebec must review the priority of requests when the “socio-emotional needs” of the elderly are not “underestimated”.

According to MMe According to Rinfret, the network ‘s limited resources have created the “fast track for accommodation: hospitalization” effect, which has the effect of extending waiting lists for people at home.

Regional disparities

M.Me Rinfret recommends that Quebec standardize the practices of CISSS and CIUSSS in terms of access to public accommodation. It states that there is a “variable geometry pattern” depending on the region and “significant regional disparities” in waiting times. “In addition to painting a distorted picture of accommodation access, this lack of uniformity in practice creates inequality between regions,” she lamented in her report.

It invites MSSS to create a complete picture of the situation while conducting “inefficient management of data” on CISSS and CIUSSS accommodation. “Making decisions based on documented observations is MSSS ‘mission and to bring global attention to the needs of the elderly, to provide more humanity to the access process. For accommodation,” she wrote.

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