March 30, 2023

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Joel Quenneville has left the Florida Panthers coach

Joel Quenneville has left the Florida Panthers coach

The Panthers announced the decision Thursday night.

With so much sadness and sadness, I announced that I was stepping down as head coach of the Florida Panthers, Quenneville said in a written statement.

I am very saddened before the suffering that Kyle Beach experienced. My old team, the Blackhawks, failed in its responsibility and I am partly responsible for it. I now want to think about how events take place and I want to take the time to educate myself on making hockey a safer place for everyone.

Andrew Brunett, the assistant coach, will replace him on a temporary basis. The Panthers are 7-0-0 this season.

Gwenneville met with Commissioner Gary Betman earlier Thursday. Also present were its general manager Bill Zito and Panthers president Mark Caldwell.

In a press release, the National Hockey League (LNH) said it supported the Quenneville decision. Mr Quenneville was one of the senior executives who mistakenly handled the Kyle Beach sexual harassment complaint against coach Brad Aldrich. […] After a meeting with Mr. Quenneville, all parties agreed that it was inappropriate for him to continue his duties.

Mr. If Queenville wants to return to the NHL, I would ask him to meet first to find out under what circumstances such employment would take place., Betman clarified.

Quenneville Beach said he knew nothing about the allegations, and his identity was unknown at the time when the NHL announced the investigation.

Over the next few weeks, several Blackhawks players, Do not Brent Soppel And Nick Bointon said the whole team knows, including the coaches and the management.

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The story quickly caught on, Beach said in an interview with TSN on Wednesday night. I strongly believe that everyone knows about it. Comments [à mon sujet] In the dressing room, made in front of other players, other staff, management, members of the media.

I take Soppel and Boynton according to their word, because I have nothing to do with them. I have not spoken to them since the last training camp I did with them. So, they are struggling to justify my version of the facts, to no avail … I, when I was alone, I was scared, John Torchetti, Brent Soppel and Nick Boynton broke the silence and it gave me courage. To be continued. They are my heroes.

Mark Bergewin, general manager of the Montreal Canadians, was then the personal manager for the Blackhawks. He denied that he had any understanding on the matter.

Guvenneville, appointed by the Blackhawks in 2008, led the team to three Stanley Cup Championships.

He had 452 wins in 796 games for Chicago. With 969 wins in his career, he is the second most successful coach in NHL history.

Returned to November 2018, He was appointed by the Panthers in April 2019 After Bob Bougner.