March 25, 2023

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Claude Dion: “What happened to Celine is tragic”, the star’s sister gives her news

Claude Dion: "What happened to Celine is tragic", the star's sister gives her news

Celine Dion announced on Instagram this month that she had to cancel her appearances in Las Vegas because she was not feeling well.

Since then, the mother of three has not given any news. Fortunately, her fans can rely on star sister Claude Dion to keep them up to date.

This Thursday, October 28, in the “Paris Match” columns, she suggested stopping the artist’s body.

“She is 53 years old. Premenopause, the hormonal changes it causes, it doesn’t help … I often repeat: “Be good with yourself!” I know she is very disciplined and careful. But the body also has its own characteristics. It’s good that she’s listening, “said Claude Dion.

She also explains that it was Celine Dion’s “all muscle” that ended up giving up. “It simply came to our notice then. But nothing serious, otherwise she would tell me. Celine does not hesitate to ask for advice when something goes wrong. I know she’s in good spirits. “

And fans of the narrator of “Alone” reassure themselves that the star will not forget them. “Celine has only one wish: to get back on stage. It may take weeks or months,” Claude Dion concluded.

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