May 19, 2022

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The vaccine passport was first launched at the Montreal-Trudeau airport

The vaccine passport was first launched at the Montreal-Trudeau airport

To board a plane, train or ship, travelers to Canada must now show that they are fully immune. The measure was greeted with indifference by some, but those who did not receive their two doses were skeptical.

Leila Dassault

Leila Dassault

Hugs, heartbreaking splits, luggage piled up on trolleys, long queues: A manic atmosphere prevailed in the national and international departures section of Montreal International Airport on Saturday afternoon.

Full COVID-19 vaccination is now mandatory for all travelers 12 years of age and older in Canada. Passengers are required to show proof of receipt of the two doses of COVID-19 vaccine approved by Health Canada 14 days prior to their departure. In other words, you now need a vaccine passport to travel.

To Adil Ijaz and Salma Rijik, who are returning to Edmonton after a visit to Montreal, the measure looks unscientific. “Especially when you’re in the country,” Salma Rijic explains. In other countries, where we don’t know about broadcasting, I understand. But here, the PCR test was adequate, ”she believes.

Photo by Pascal Ratte, special contribution

Adil Ijaz and Salma Rijik

The couple does not have a vaccination passport. He will benefit from a one-month grace period granted by the federal government. In fact, it is still possible to offer a negative screening test to travelers who have not been vaccinated until November 29th.

Different reactions

Explained to some travelers who have already been vaccinated Tap This measure has changed nothing for them. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” Holiness Buselengate said as she headed to Quebec City with her son, Israel.

Photo by Pascal Ratte, special contribution

The Holiness Buslengate Travel Vaccine is viewed without any problems with the passport.

Kareena and Mark Bardi, two Montreal residents of Ukrainian origin, also have no problem with the new policy. “It simply came to our notice then. We were vaccinated because we wanted to go back to normal life, ”said Kareena Barde. However, Mark Bardy, a figure skating coach, said: “It’s hard to say whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Photo by Pascal Ratte, special contribution

Kareena and Mark Bardy prepare to visit Vancouver.

For Anis Kafidi, who left for Germany on Saturday, all the steps related to the vaccine were complicated and the management of his trip turned out to be a headache. “Vaccine passport, we don’t really have a choice,” he noted. If we have it, we are free, there is not much we can do without it. For a young person, vaccination should be a personal matter. “We, [les personnes vaccinées], We can still broadcast it [la COVID-19]. So people who don’t have a vaccine passport, they put their lives on the line, ”he believes.

Photo by Pascal Ratte, special contribution

Anis Kafidi

Vaccination delayed

A relief will also be given to foreign nationals who can travel until February 28 to depart from Canada, even if they have not been vaccinated. However, these passengers are required to submit a negative molecular test for COVID-19 before boarding the aircraft. In order to benefit from this exemption from the rule, they must have entered Canada before October 30th.

From November 30, anyone traveling by train, plane or cruise ship in Canada will have to prove that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

For Margaret Hebert, an American who has just returned from Florida with her family, one thing is for sure, the actions deserve to be clear. “We were very impressed with the COVID-19 control at the airport! , She insisted.

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