May 24, 2022

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The virus to prevent the vaccine ?: “I do not understand,” said a family doctor

The virus to prevent the vaccine ?: "I do not understand," said a family doctor

A family doctor suffering from chronic covid issued a message Saturday to nurses asking them to be infected with the coronavirus to avoid getting the vaccine.

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In an interview with TVA Nouvelles, Dr. Anne Behroor admitted that colleagues on the health network were completely overwhelmed by the idea that they were considering such an option.

“I don’t understand how we got to such a level of misinformation; On the one hand, on the vaccine, but also on the dangers of covid, ”she declared.

The coronavirus, and especially the delta variant, can strike anyone regardless of age and health.

“It’s really Russian roulette,” Dr. Behroor said.

The latter know them well: she has been living with Kovid for a long time since December 2020. After almost 10 months, it was very difficult to talk to the family doctor.

“This is only one aspect of the long-standing COVID,” she stressed.

The next hammer is that it presents a real danger to anyone who catches the virus. The after-effects are very significant and can be felt indefinitely, even permanently.

Dr. Behroor is 45 years old, the average age of people suffering from Kovid. She also indicated that she was very healthy before being infected with the virus.

“I was very active, always on one leg and on the other. There, I sat for the most part. I don’t want anyone, ”she said.

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