November 29, 2022

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$ 70,000 loss: Charlesburg owner wants compensation

$ 70,000 loss: Charlesburg owner wants compensation

A homeowner in Quebec was shocked at the addition and support of new entrants after noticing more than $ 70,000 in damage to housing.

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About three years ago, Mario rented a well-maintained residence in Montmini 48E West Street, Charlesburg area.

The lease was legally signed between the parties, but also included a 75% financial partnership from the Office Municipal D’Habitation de Quebec (OMHQ).

The tenants are affiliated with the Center Multietnique de Quebec, an organization that welcomes immigrants and facilitates their settlement with transitional accommodation and integration support.

Tenants have always paid their share, except for the last few months. The landlord had to appeal to the Administrative Housing Court to cancel the rent and remove the family for non-payment.


Mold can also be seen under the window behind this faucet.

Photo by Stevens LeBlanc

Mold can also be seen under the window behind this faucet.

Mold, moisture and insects, this place is now dirty and uninhabitable. The damage to the building is estimated to be more than $ 70,000 and the work could take several months.

During the passage Journal, Cockroaches continue to roam even after an exterminator visits twice. The walls should open soon.

“Initially, it was very clean. There, it was horrible. It was everywhere. They did not destroy the square, they neglected the square. In the end, it cost me the same,” Mr. Montmini lamented.

The landlord will be surprised if the tenants get the help they need. “It simply came to our notice then. Left to themselves? If they do not know how to open the window, you have to show them and they will understand, ”he adds.

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The observed damage is mainly related to heating, ventilation, windows and kitchen hood. Inspected electrical and plumbing. Former tenants clearly cannot pay the loss.

An exceptional case

Water flowed under the sink.

Photo by Stevens LeBlanc

Water flowed under the sink.

“The windows are full of water. If there are a dozen people, cooking, bathing, never opening the window or getting out of the air exchanger, that’s all. I think I can charge OMHQ, but how long does it take? Asks the owner who wants to sell his building after this bad experience.

Fortunately, according to him, this is an extraordinary case.

“It simply came to our notice then. In 30 houses, I have no big problems, ”he summed up, still not sure who will pay the bill.

Neglect on the part of tenants

The Center ensures that the Multietnique de Quebec family receives all possible and necessary support over a long period of time. However, the director general of the company explains that the tenants will have their share of the damage to the building.

“Yes, we did our job. For the majority, it works well. There is an app that says family can be carefree. It is our responsibility to hold at least 5 to 10 subsequent meetings. We have done everything we can, ”said Natacha Battisti.

The latter stated that the tenants were not left to defend themselves, on the contrary. This support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Lack of respect

“There is definitely a failure to respect the property of others. It is a miserable situation,” he saidMe Baptists.

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For his part, the OHMQ Director General also confirms that the general process has been honored. The house was initially in good condition.

“There is support. It is OMHQ’s commitment to send a portion of the rent each month. We will take our responsibilities,” Claude Foster retorted.

On the other hand, the leader stated that providing education is not the role of his organization.

“I sympathize and I am not indifferent to this situation. I understand Mr. Montmini’s frustration.”

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