May 24, 2022

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According to Francis Hougen | Facebook must invest in “security” before “metawares”

According to Francis Hougen |  Facebook must invest in "security" before "metawares"

(Lisbon) To return to her interview, the web summit provided Francis Hougen with a platform to choose from in her fight over Facebook: Whistleblower on Monday urged the American company to invest more in “security” before “metawars”. New priority for a group now called Meta.

Yassin Khiri
France Media Agency

“Again, Facebook chooses to expand into new areas rather than stick to what it has already done. I think this is unacceptable ించాలి we need to allocate more resources to basic security systems, ”the former employee of the social networks giant Web Summit announced at the outset, with the high mass of the digital economy back in its version. Lisbon.

“Instead of investing to ensure that their platforms are minimally secure, they are going to hire 10,000 engineers in Europe,” he said, referring to the parallel digital world in the development of “Metavers”, the future of Facebook and the Internet, according to Boss. “I can’t imagine it makes sense,” she said again.

After introducing the concept of “metawares”, Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday announced that the parent company of the social media giant is now called “meta” – “beyond that” in ancient Greek.

However the names of different services (Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.) do not change.

Photo by Facebook, Reuters

Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday that the parent company of the social media giant is now calling itself “Meta” after showcasing the concept of “metavers”.

The name change has been interpreted as a distraction by critics of the California group, which has been embroiled in scandals and controversies, ranging from misinformation to respect for data privacy and competition law.

For a change of leader

For more than a month, tens of thousands of internal documents submitted to the “Facebook Papers”, the American Stock Exchange Authority (SEC), show how Francis Hougan, a California group, became aware of the frustration caused by his social networks – Instagram, anti-populist content for toxic content teens Information … – But to some extent, it has chosen to ignore them in order to maintain its benefits.

“I believe Facebook can change that. (Mark Zuckerberg) has a beautiful dream: he wants to connect people, he wants to make the world a better place … it’s not going to make him a bad person for making mistakes, ”Frances Hougen insisted Monday. “But it’s not acceptable to make the same mistakes once you know they’re wrong.”

“I think the company is unlikely to change if he continues,” she said at the head of the social media giant. “Facebook is strong with those who like to focus on security.”

Francis Hougen had previously testified before US and UK legislators, but the web summit appeared for the first time in front of a large audience.

The whistleblower will be heard by a committee of the European Parliament on November 8 and by French parliamentarians on November 10.

The Facebook Web Summit will have the opportunity to respond to criticism in front of an audience, with its vice president Nick Clegg scheduled for Tuesday.

After experiencing a 100% virtual edition due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the web summit is back in physics in Lisbon.

The 2021 edition, for entrepreneurs and technology investors, is set to run until Thursday, and is expected to bring together 40,000 participants compared to the 70,000 who arrived in the Portuguese capital in the last prepandomic edition.

Beyond Facebook and “Metawares”, other themes on the Web Summit agenda will examine how technology can help mitigate climate change, as the digital high mass in Scotland is similar to the global conference on COP26.

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