May 24, 2022

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Compulsory vaccination: Sick leave infection in firefighters

Compulsory vaccination: Sick leave infection in firefighters

An unusually large number of New York firefighters have been asked to take sick leave in recent days, as their employer felt Monday was “unacceptable” against the mandatory vaccination, although this does not currently affect barracks performance.

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A week ago, firefighters were strongly represented at a demonstration against the vaccination obligation of New York City employees that brought several thousand people together.

“Sick leave has increased and we know it’s a protest against this rule, it’s clear,” New York Fire Chief Daniel Negro told a town hall press briefing on the first day that about 378,000 municipal employees in the city were at risk of losing their wages. They were not vaccinated.

According to Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, 9,000 employees are in the situation, while 12,000 have requested medical or religious exemptions.

However, he explained that Monday’s sick leave for 2,300 firefighters (out of a total of 17,000 members) was a way to get a penalty on a pay slip, according to their leader.

“Usually 200 people come to the medical office every day, last week it was 700 per day. Most of them have not been vaccinated. This is not entirely acceptable, he assured, “no barracks will be closed.”

For its part, the New York Firefighters ‘Leaders’ Union posted photos of firefighters being “sent home” on Twitter because they did not comply with the vaccination requirement.

“There are fewer staff units. Staff shortages will end immediately if firefighters stop being sick when they are not around, ”Daniel Negro agreed.

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Of the city’s 17,000 firefighters, the vaccination rate reached 80% on Sunday, up from 60% on October 19, the lowest number in the city’s services (96% in education, 84% in police).

“We do not see any disruption to the city’s services,” Bill de Blasio said. A symbol of the protest of garbage collectors.