March 24, 2023

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“Let’s go Brandon!” ”Joe insulted Biden

"Let's go Brandon!"  ”Joe insulted Biden

(Washington) Florida’s Republican Bill Posey ended his speech in the House of Representatives on October 21 by saying, “Let’s go Brandon!” This may seem problematic and strange to most of the listeners. But the phrase is already popular in moderate circles and the phrase that now looks positive – in fact a way of insulting President Joe Biden – is being used more and more.

Colleen Long
Associated Press

South Carolina Republican Jeff Duncan “Let’s Go Brandon!” He wore a mask to his face. In Capital‌ last week. Texas Senator Ted Cruz “Let’s Go Brandon!” Posed with the symbol సందర్భంగా During the World Series match. Senator Mitch McConnell’s press secretary re-posted a photo of the phrase on a construction logo in Virginia on Twitter.

The phrase has become the traditional code for something even more obscene: “F … Joe Biden. It’s very angry at Republicans who want to prove their Tory allegiance, indicating that they are in sync with the party base like a no-secret handshake.

Americans are accustomed to publicly mocking their leaders and the often obscene language of former President Donald Trump extends the boundaries of ordinary political speech.

But Republicans shouted “Let’s go Brandon!” How did you choose the phrase! As an alternative to a more vulgar expression beginning with the letter F?

It all started at the NASCAR race on October 2 on the Talladega Super Speedway in Alabama. Brandon Brown, a 28-year-old pilot, won his first Xfinity series and was interviewed by NBC Sports Reporter. The crowd behind him shouted something difficult at first. The reporter said, “Let’s go Brandon! To promote the pilot. But what they were actually saying was “F … Joe Biden” became even clearer and clearer. ”

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NASCAR and NBC have since taken steps to limit “ambient noise from the crowd during interviews,” but it was too late – the phrase has already gained momentum.

When the president visited a construction site in suburban Chicago a few weeks ago to promote the vaccine, protesters chanted two to three word sentences. Last week, Mr. Biden’s parade called “Let’s Go Brandon!” Approved the banner. As the President walks through the plainfield in New Jersey.

And a group called “Let’s Go Brandon! Outside Virginia Park on Monday, Mr Biden appeared on behalf of Democratic presidential candidate Terry McAliffe. Two protesters grabbed hand-drawn placards with obscene language and completely abandoned the euphemism.

Former President Donald Trump did not miss the opportunity. His “Save America” ​​Political Action Committee is now selling a $ 45 T-shirt with “Let’s Go Brandon”! Engraved on the American flag. A message to supporters is: “#FJB or let’s go Brandon? Either way, President Trump wants you to have our new iconic t-shirt‌. ”

Separately, t-shirts with the NASCAR slogan and logo appear on store windows.

And when it comes to the real Brandon, things are not so good for him. He drives for a team with less staff and less funding than his father. And the success – his first in his career – is too big for him, the team has been struggling for a long time to get sponsorships and his current partners have not encouraged the pilot in their advertising campaigns.