May 18, 2022

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Allan Walsh wants Gary Betman’s head

Allan Walsh wants Gary Betman's head

Hockey players’ agent Alan Walsh on Tuesday expressed his anger at Gary Betman and other leaders of the National Hockey League (NHL).

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The man who had clients former Canadian captain Max Paciority as well as Quebecars Mark-Andre Fleury, Jonathan Droin and Jonathan Huberdeau did not go four ways to express his sentiments.

“I have been hearing since this morning that many NHL owners are ‘very concerned and unhappy with the leadership shown by Gary Betman,’ Walsh wrote on his Twitter account on Tuesday. I think employers have also realized that it’s time for a culture change in the NHL and it should start from the top. It’s time to get rid of Gary Betman. ”

He listed several complaints against the 69-year-old.

“Gary poorly handled the horrific events in Chicago [l’affaire Kyle Beach] Until he refuses to recognize the relationship between brain injuries and CTE [encéphalopathie traumatique chronique], His lack of help with retired players, calling the NHL ‘family’, the player’s suspension service, the game ‘s marketing approach, the lack of overall strategy, the backlash to issues such as painkillers, especially the abuse of Ambion and Toradol, his lack of sympathy and kindness For the three lockouts and his lies: It’s time for Gary to leave. ”

Not alone

There was a whole lot of hustle and bustle among other things at the press conference that Betman spoke to the media on the Kyle Beach affair on Monday. He was not the only one to criticize the commissioner.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Frank Seravalli, president of the Association of Professional Hockey Columnists, also highlighted the nebulous actions against the commissioner. After virtually all reporters asked their questions, some suggested that Rick Westhead, who spoke to Beach on TSN, did not do his part.

“At best, waiting 47 minutes for a reporter to do his part in this brutal affair – after the NHL has been blamed for not giving it to him – is an ugly coincidence. In the worst case, it’s an extra effort and willingness to control the message to avoid taking responsibility, ”Seravalli lamented.

Westhead was finally able to ask his question about a young hockey player who was sexually abused by Brad Aldrich. He asked if this other victim was entitled to the same kind of assistance that Beach intended to provide.

“I need to know more about the situation,” Betman replied. I am focusing more on the situation before us, on the NHL. I do not rule out the possibility, but I want more information. “

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