March 21, 2023

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Nick Suzuki will not compete

Nick Suzuki will not compete

Posted this morning at 8:30 p.m.

Updated this morning at 8:30 p.m.

Just a week ago, I wrote to you about how fun it is to enjoy watching Canadians again … three more defeats against the same success, everything has to be done again. CH is not recognized. He crashed the club one night and crashed two days later for no reason. He loses matches with stupidly winning opponents. To put it more simply: all this is wrong!

However, Mike Hoffman has scored four goals in seven games so far. Christian Dvorak is more than 50% capable in the face-off circle and has scored four points in 10 games. Both of these acquisitions by Mark Bergewin will complete the work during the off-season. GM also gets, like most players.

The problem is mostly with the elements that have left the Canadian.

I had a hard time getting into the habit of watching Philip Donald in the Kings ’black and silver on Saturday. His loss seems to have added unnecessary pressure to Nick Suzuki’s shoulders. Whoever finds himself Center No. 1 very quickly wants to do well but he wants to do bad. Suzuki has many features, including caution with puck’s jealousy. He excelled in the art of defending the disc and keeping a competitive attack alive in enemy territory. Not this season. In fact he will not compete.

Coffeld et Kaliev

Cole Cowfield Tyler Tofoli is constantly looking to break the record. When he baked, it was soft. He has no authority. Cowfield and Arthur Kaliev of the Kings went mad on Saturday.

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However, Kaliev finished 33rd in the second round of the 2019 amateur auction; Cowfield, ranked 15th overall. I do not think Kaliev is better than Coffeld. I would say that faith is as authentic as possible. Kaliev was overwhelmed with it, and Cowfield searched for it in his cereal. Being in Laval‌ is beneficial to him.

Help Petrie

Shea Weber’s loss had the most damaging effect on Jeff Petrie’s game. Edmonton Oilers resigned to Petrie at the 2015 trade deadline. He was found to be unstable. We could see that he could not play the No. 1 role of the flawed defensive brigade.

Petrie is like that. The father is comfortable on the right, but not in the parish priest’s chair. Hopefully, the return of Joel Edmundson will help Petrie work more confidently. I’m sure Jake Allen wants it beyond you and me. Petrie is a public danger in his territory.

In short, we must arm ourselves with patience. Finding recognition for the hockey team is not so easy. The day after the Stanley Cup final is a lot harder than you expected. If the Canadian participates in the playoff race, it will definitely not be in the favorite chair. Under the circumstances, if Geoff Molson wanted to leave Mark Bergewin, wouldn’t that be the ideal tonic?