May 18, 2022

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The mayor of Monterrey has filed a lawsuit in civil proceedings against the alleged attacker

The mayor of Monterrey has filed a lawsuit in civil proceedings against the alleged attacker

The current mayor of Saint-Jean, a former Conservative candidate and Saint-Sebastian, has filed a civil lawsuit in Monterrey alleging sexual harassment in 2020 for nearly $ 150,000, according to the plaintiff..

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Martin Thibert was involved in a police investigation into an assault and stabbing last year. However, by the end of the trial, the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions had not indicted him.

The plaintiff in this case, Maggie Dupuis, subsequently appealed to the Civil Division of the Superior Court, where we learned of damages from a 50-year-old man associated with her.

We read in the introductory motion that during the sexual act, in June 2020, the defendant strangled her “to the point where she could not breathe”. M.Me Dupuis, who made a public exit on Facebook and our pages in 2020, said in court documents that he “feared for his life.”

The plaintiff also alleged that he had spread a sexually transmitted infection (STI) to himself and his spouse, Jonathan Fontaine, by claiming $ 25,000 in damages for his part in the whole affair.

Angered, the mayor has since been accused of assault and is now facing charges of criminal harassment, intimidation, intimidation and publishing an intimate picture without consensus. Mr. Fontaine will stand trial in December.

Mayor Thibert admitted that he had an extramarital affair with Mr.Me Dupuis, but he always denies attacking her. Contacted by phone yesterday, he said he was preparing his response with his lawyers and, with the support of medical reports, wanted to prove that he could not be at the source of the STI broadcast.

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“It simply came to our notice then. I have never had chlamydia. His view is that the complainant in this case is acting with a “spirit of revenge”.

In a completely different case, Mayor Thibart recently accused the Administrative Labor Tribunal of psychological harassment of a former director general of the municipality who was “fired in disguise” in 2019.

The municipality must enter into a financial agreement with the former DC as compensation.