May 24, 2022

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Felix is ​​still Turin | The goal is The Journal of Quebec

Felix is ​​still Turin |  The goal is The Journal of Quebec

Felix Agar-Aliassim is still focused on Turin and made his first appearance at the ATP End-of-Season Championship. Only eight players – those who have scored the most points in this year’s standings – dream of receiving the prestigious trophy that will be presented on November 21st.

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This partnership in the famous tournament‌, Kubesar has been dreaming about it for many weeks. A few days after hitting his first four aces in the Grand Slam at the United States Open, by the end of the campaign, Felix was aiming for him with one of two goals and the other in the Global Top 10.

But for Agar-aliasmi it was not so easy. This can be very difficult, as only two venues are available for the final event of the season. And they are five players, the best at the moment, they still want it.

From Lot, Felix (12E In the race, with 2240 points) is in the lowest position. To get a ticket to Italy, the 21-year-old athlete must win the Paris Masters this Sunday. There is no shortage of players who have yet to win a single trophy in the ATP … yet a big challenge.

And in order to expect the title to be removed, he has to extract himself from the table, which also has some of the strongest names in the world, such as: Serbian Novak Djokovic, Russian Daniel Medvedev, Greek Stefanos Sisipas. And ‘German Alexander Zverev.

Along with Djokovic, he showed a record that Felix had never played, losing to these three other favorites.

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It’s not all because of him

Worse: Felix did not hold his destiny in his hands. If the Norwegian Caspar Rude reaches the final or the Italian genius Sinner wins the big trophy in Paris the qualification will slip out of his fingers.

He will have a hard time beating ninth seed qualifier Gianluca Mager, 66, to return to Paris on Tuesday.E To the world, he lost the first set 4-6, 6-4, 6-1 before the tides.

Agar-Aliasim will try to stay in the race on Wednesday by defeating Britain striker Andy Murray, 58-year-old German lucky-loser Dominic Kofer.E Player in the world. If victory over Coffer made Felix dream of Italy, he promised that his entire career in Paris would be difficult.

To The Root de Felix Final
If you respect logic …

Third round

Hubert Hurkaz | Polon

  • 7E Favorites – 10E In force In the championship
  • Career record on Felix: 0-2


Stefanos Citsipas | Greece

Tennis-ATP from Masters

  • 3E Favorite – Already qualified for Turin
  • Career record on Felix: 5-2


Novak Djokovic | Serbia

  • Favorite – Already qualified for Turin
  • Career record Against Felix: 0-0


Daniel Medvedev | Russie

  • 2E Favorite – Already qualified for Turin
  • Career record on Felix: 2-0

Players already Qualified Championship From Turin:

Novak Djokovic, Daniel Medvedev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Alexander Zverev, Andrei Rublev and Matteo Berettini

Players who Can As always Hope so And participate:

Caspar Rudd, Janick Sinner, Hubert Hurkaz, Cameron Norie and Felix Agar-aliasim. Currently Rafael Nadal Ninth, but he has already announced that his season is over.

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