November 29, 2023

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Girls sold in Afghanistan: How to help families?

Girls sold in Afghanistan: How to help families?

Images of an Afghan girl being sold to an elderly man have shocked many around the world. Since Afghans do not benefit from international aid, extreme poverty and severe famine mean that a little girl’s body is traded under such conditions.

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Parwana, just 9 years old, dreamed of becoming a teacher, but was sold by her father who had no money to support his family. Unfortunately, this is a fact that is “growing” in Afghanistan.

“I think it’s going to happen more and more because for survival, this kind of survival, they have no other way,” Ismatullah Habibi of the Transcultural Educational Association told TVA Novelles at 5pm on Wednesday.

Before the Taliban came to power, the girl’s father was able to support his family with humanitarian assistance. What can be done to help these families? This is a question that many Cubans ask themselves.

“Right now, as citizens, we can do nothing big, so we don’t even know who to send to, who to help, will the money reach its destination? I’m not sure, ”Habibi adds.

Other shareholders, such as Mercedes Orellana of the New Canadian Help Service, are even more optimistic.

“I think the pressure of citizens on government, from the population, on international organizations, on international opinion, can act as an international Red Cross to bring food to families.”

For Quebecs who want to donate, you can do so exclusively for the Canadian Red Cross. Last month, the company created a relief fund : Humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

It is also possible to sponsor Afghan refugees so that they can come to Canada.

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