December 1, 2022

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Stolen Chalet: A nightmare for every owner

Stolen Chalet: A nightmare for every owner

The pictures, which aired over the weekend showing several breakdowns in the rented chalet‌, represent a real nightmare for second home owners.

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“Actually, this is a scene that all chalet owners want to avoid,” agreed Philip Hamel, co – founder of Mr. Chalet.

When Denise Lewesk was on the show on Tuesday, Mr. The chalet co-founder said it was undoubtedly one of the only ways to prevent this kind of incident from happening again.

“Reservations in a short notice, 21 days or less (which can be suspicious) ask a lot of questions, as well as ask for transfers, ask for multiple identification pieces from those responsible on the spot. These are ways to prevent these things from happening again, “said Mr. Hamel.

In the Monsieur Chalet, the co-founder mentioned that he had turned down a hundred reservations for the Halloween weekend because they were in favor of overflowing.

“Actually times like Halloween and Saint-Jean-Baptist are very troublesome holidays and with the sanitary restrictions we have seen in bars this year, I have the impression that people are leaning towards the best alternative. Groups in private residences or in this case short-term rent.”

Watch the full interview with Mr. Chalet co-founder in the video above.

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