May 18, 2022

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Alex Anthopoulos, CEO of Braves | The humble architect of the Champions

World Series |  Alex Anthopoulos, happy from a distance

On Friday, Alex Anthopoulos will take part in his Braves parade through the streets of Atlanta. Then, the next day, he starts watching his training for the 2022 season.

Frederick Duchessno

Frederick Duchessno

“I appreciate every minute,” the Montreal general manager of the World Series Champions assured.

But Anthopoulos did not think long and hard about success. Prior to this final title, he was named Manager of the Year at the end of his final season with Blue Jays in 2015.

“And if I had to choose between two things to achieve in my career, it would probably be both,” he said in an interview with Quebec Media on Thursday afternoon. Now the question is whether I can do it again. ”

If the CEO does not live in the past, he will not look very far into the future either. He is well aware that sports leaders live on ejection seats.

If I still have a job in 10 or 12 years, it will be an amazing career. I have never looked so far ahead. I always worked with a specific need. And I would say even with fear. Not to lose my job, to fail. In my work, you feel the pressure to succeed for the fans.

Alex Anthopoulos

On Saturday Kovid-19 turned out to be positive – despite being vaccinated – Alex Anthopoulos was left alone in his car for the parade.

“But at least I’m going to be a part of it and that’s very important to me.”

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Prince Fielder

On Tuesday, the Atlanta Braves eliminated the Houston Astros in six games and won the trophy at their opponents’ ground.

And this success, they owe a lot to their boss. After losing Ronald Acuna Jr. and Marcel Ozuna during the calendar, Alex Anthopoulos bought Adam Dowell, Eddie Rosario, Jorge Soler and Joke Pederson. Everyone contributed to the success of the club.

“But to do business for players who become MVP at the National Championship [Rosario], Then the World Series [Soler], You do not know what is going to happen, said Anthopoulos humbly. You hope they play well, but what they did for us was really amazing. ”

However, the CEO responded and his activism paid off.

It must be said that the sixth sense of Alex Anthopoulos was not yesterday. Young Recruiting Coordinator for the Montreal Exposition, in 2002, he saw Prince Fielder in his soup. That year, it was ranked fifth in the Expos draft. Instead, they chose the specific Clint Everts.

Does it ring the bell? Simple. The right-handed Gunner never threw the ball in the majors.

The fielder was selected after two ranks. He hit 300 home runs and scored over 1000 points.


Alex Anthopoulos was already inspired in Quebec baseball circles, but his popularity now surpassed that of stadiums. He is a testament to your ability to succeed in professional sport by coming a little late in your twenties. By being both a The man who came up with self-cultivation And a Outsider.

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Appearing to be a role model did not leave him indifferent.

“I touched it a lot. I don’t think I fully realized it, but at the same time, I was blown away by it,” he dropped.

If he has to give advice to young people, it will be as follows.

“Do what you love. Be humble. Be good companions.

“If you like the work you do, you will probably be better and you will improve. If you are humble, people will want to work with you. And if you are a good companion, people will want to help you along the way. ”

He is not someone who thinks his career is so rich. But there was a lot of his help.

About his arrival at the Expos in the early 2000s, he specifically mentioned Dana Brown, the director who recruited Claude Dolorm – “the first person to accept my call and give me Jim Beatty’s direct line” – and General Manager Omar Minaya.

And others in Toronto, Los Angeles, Atlanta.

A turn?

After my fifth year with Jesse, everything changed for me. I remember at the end of 2014, I wanted to make big changes and we won in 2015.

Alex Anthopoulos

The following year, however, he moved to Los Angeles. And five years later, here he is with his 10th year championship ringE Season as General Manager.

Return of baseball to Montreal

Anthopoulos began to follow Expos carefully at the age of 15. When Philip Alo took over from the impeccable Tom Runnells and the team became competitive again.

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“At that time, I had Delino D’Shields, then Pedro Martinez, Vladimir Guerrero. These are my three players. I remember how upset I was when trading the shields [contre Martinez]. I got angry! ”

But he accepted the exchange and became a big fan of Pedro. Like most Montreals.

Major League Baseball is likely to return to Montreal …

“I’d be really happy if this happened. Anyway, if baseball could come back to Montreal, it would be great for the city, the league and even the Blue Jays,” said Alex Anthopoulos. “You have to start somewhere and I hope it happens.”

But there is no question of dreaming about a job in the metropolis. Anthopoulos described himself as a faithful man. And he gets good treatment through the Atlanta Braves company, which has extended his contract by half in the four seasons he has signed.

These brave, like thousands of Expos fans, admit he once hated!