May 19, 2022

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Television. Soprano, gaming, raffle … “Reunion Telethon” for its 35th edition

Television.  Soprano, gaming, raffle ... "Reunion Telethon" for its 35th edition

The 35th edition of Telethon will be held on December 3 and 4. During the 30-hour live broadcast, Sophie Dawant, Nagui and Cyril Farad, along with other animators, journalists, artists, and athletes, collect donations in support of medical research. To this day, 3 million people in France suffer from rare diseases. They are 350 million in the world.

Victor, 2 years old, is one of the faces of Telethon. Photo AFM-Telethon2021

This year, none other than Telethon’s godfather Soprano, Those who have already attended this event as a guest many times. “Attendance is very important, the singer told us confidently to give them strength [aux malades, N.D.L.R.]To mobilize as many people as possible, to prove to them that you can use your popularity. ”Artist Zenathon spent all day in the lab, where he was able to discover things from the inside: machines, researchers, but especially families and patients, an experience that gave him” a lot of cold “.

In 2011, when he was only a guest, he took on a big challenge for him: to wear a PSG jersey if the association charged him 30,000 euros. Marseillais is a challenge “suffered, but for a good reason. So we’re happy”. This year, he likes to challenge his guests. Also, on Saturday, December 4, he will receive them in his hometown in the Old Port district. After a series of various facts that have rocked the Focian city news over the past few weeks, “Telethon is in Marseilles, it’s amazing, he explains to us, because it shows, One more time Another image of Marseille, solidarity “.

Teleton returns after a difficult year

For this “telethon of reunion”, as the president of the French televisions Delphine Ernot calls it, the shares are high. Last year, amid a health crisis, the event raised just 77 77 million, up from 87 million in the previous edition. Will the French be more generous during this period of economic recovery? As a reminder, the famous counter arrived The highest level of donations in 2006 was over 106 million.

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After a difficult year of repeated detention, 2021 “will be kept as a symbol of remobilization on the ground”, hosted by Sophie Davant, who hosted a press conference hosted by the French Televisions and the AFM-Téléthon Association. According to AFM-Telethon President Lawrence Tiennott-Herment, “more than 270,000 volunteers and 4 million people across France are participating.”

We will keep the best

In this case, the association relies on proven principles. Pascal Obispo, Louvain, M. Pokora, Nolven Leroy and many others enliven the event in song, sometimes accompanied by the Great Telethon Choir.

The big Raphael, who collected more than 2 million euros in 2020, is back. Participants will be able to win new masterpieces, but also gain extraordinary experiences. In danger: a visit to the Palace of Versailles with Stefan Bern or a morning in the kitchen with Chef Pierre Gagnaire. Who knows, they might even be the hero for Frederick Bigbeader’s next novel …

In fact, the reports highlight the lives of patients and the activities of researchers whose scientific progress is not limited to rare diseases. So, about the RNA vaccine that turned our fight against Kovid-19 up, Lawrence Tiennott-Herment explained: “If this happens too soon, it will benefit from decades of research on RNA, via AFM-Telethon.

A digital telethon

This 2021 edition stands out in many respects. This year, eight cities will form the word telethon with their initials, thanks to giant animations. For example, the first of them, Thionville (57), erects a steel “T” at a height of 10 meters in the town. Other cities cited include Évry (91), Le Touquet-Paris-Plage (62), Eguzon-Chantôme (36), Tours (37), Honfleur (14), Orègue (64) and Nîmes (30).

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But the real innovation is in the digital field. Four virtual concerts will be held. Their ambassador was none other than Jean-Michel Jarre, a pioneer in the field. TikTok Challenges are organized, but first of all, “gaming” earns a place on television. Twitch star Samuel Etienne hosts a 1.5-hour program showcasing the world of video games. From October 29 to 31. The association can expect to ride the wave of the Z-event hosted by celebrities from the streaming world who raised 10 million euros in favor of Action Against Hunger until the end.

Now to participate in this “Winter July 14”, as Pierre Tchernia called, and to make a donation, dial 3615 or go to

Pierre, 15, is one of the faces of Telethon 2021. Photo AFM-Telethon2021

Who are the telethon faces?

Spinal degeneration, myotubular myopathy, girdle myopathy, retinitis pigmentosa etc. : All these diseases have very complicated names, but the reality is very simple.

Victor (2 years) should no longer be in this world. Jules (10 years) should not be more than a year old, those who did not hold their head at birth can now sit. This dance enthusiast can also surprise us by walking a few feet during the event. Pierre (15 years) gradually loses the ability to walk. But research gives him hope that one day he will not escape. Adrian (40 years old) has seen the light gradually fade as he has lost his sight since he was 17 years old. But thanks to the stem cells, his vision is stabilized.

The four diseases, four names, four faces of this 2021 edition, which, thanks to research, share an optimistic vision for the future. By participating in their struggle, especially through donations, “you are part of the machine of happiness”, Adrian confidently tells us.

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