March 20, 2023

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The ensemble Montreal candidate was ordered to repay $ 135,000 for past victories

The ensemble Montreal candidate was ordered to repay $ 135,000 for past victories

Juan Mendez, an ensemble Montreal candidate in the borough of LaSalle, has previously denied paying nearly $ 135,000 for romantic achievements that lent him money for his luxurious lifestyle.

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Juan Mendez is a former professional basketball player who previously participated in pre-draft training with the Toronto Raptors in 2005. He is also the coach of Team Quebec and McGill University, according to his Facebook account.

SALT – Denise Coderre’s team announced his candidacy for councilor in the St. Louis district in early October.

“In view of my long and successful basketball career, I believe I have both skill and passion. [sic] Project, Challenge or the company I am a part of, ”he wrote exclusively on Facebook.

According to judgments contacted by our Bureau of Investigation, Mendez has already been ordered to pay more than $ 130,000 to two women involved in personal relationships.

In 2012, Melanie Lachine was ordered to pay $ 28,869.

According to his allegations, he transferred the sums to Mendez while in the Dominican Republic.

She allegedly paid him cell phone bills, rented a vehicle at his expense and paid hotel and flight bills.

Luxurious lifestyle

Quebec court judge Chantal Sirois said in a ruling that Lachine had clearly proved his allegations.

“This is not the first time the defendant has borrowed money from a woman and refused or refused to repay her,” she said.

Another woman, Mary Tie, alleged in another lawsuit that Mendez actually maintained a luxurious lifestyle.

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He spends more to travel and pay than to repay his car.

Range Rover Sci

The latter claimed nearly $ 106,000 from him, with a loan receipt in support. According to her claims, she was engaged in a personal relationship with Mendez. In 2011, the default verdict was in favor of the prosecutor.

The Range Rover, which was put up for sale for about $ 40,000, was also involved in the confiscation process.

This is not all, because the collective Montreal candidate name also appears in legal actions related to unpaid rent, we have seen. In one of them, a judge authorized in 2012 to change all the locks of the building where he lived.

Having been aware of the situation for several days and called to comment, the ensemble Montreal’s communication team had not yet responded last night.