May 28, 2022

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Twice vaccinated Snow Birds have retreated at the US border

Twice vaccinated Snow Birds have retreated at the US border

Jocelyn Cousin had a very bad surprise when she wanted to go to her condo in Florida this week.

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To her surprise, the Quebec author learned at the airport that she had not been able to reach the United States on Tuesday, the day her flight was scheduled. Five days earlier, on October 28, she had returned from France and American authorities were demanding a 14-day delay before entering the United States for Canadian travelers returning from another country.

“Traveling has become very difficult. It doesn’t make sense, because the information changes from day to day, “said Jocelyn Cousin in an interview with Denise Lewesk.

The next was the bad news at the Air Canada pre-boarding counter. She said she was shocked to hear an airline employee say she had to push back her travel plans.

“I read her the rules three times, so I didn’t want to believe what she was telling me,” said Jocelyn Cousin.

The author states that she was not the only one to experience such a situation. Recently, her friends were stranded for some reason at US Customs at Montreal-Trudeau Airport.

“They took care of them like bandits,” said Jocelyn Cousin.

“We put them in a small room. 11 other people in this small room are facing the same situation,” she adds.

His friends had to pay an extra $ 1,029 to transfer their flight tickets to another date.

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For Jocelyn Cousin, this kind of incident is simply meaningless because of the many health limitations that she and her friends claim to have followed the letter.

“Why don’t we let people cross?” What is the benefit of taking the vaccine twice and taking the Kovid test first? There is no point, ”she lamented.

To watch the full interview, watch the video above.