June 7, 2023

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Biden’s massive social planning vote was postponed, a setback for the president

Biden's massive social planning vote was postponed, a setback for the president

Despite weeks of negotiations, the US Congress on Friday declined to comment on Joe Biden’s massive social and climate plan, which could cause the president to lose the much-needed victory.

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Democrats, however, hope to preserve the furniture by voting in the evening on a major infrastructure investment project. Social program, which must be submitted to the judgment of elected officials by the end of November.

The American House of Representatives met this morning with a clear goal: to finally confirm Joe Biden’s plans, thanks to the spending of $ 3 trillion, he promised to change America.

Providing specialized nursery school for all, including a very large social component, drastic improvements in health coverage and significant investments in reducing greenhouse gas emissions – a deep redefinition of the welfare state in the United States.

But the project is subject to some very difficult negotiations within the Democratic Party, especially between the left and the moderate camp, and its total cost has already been halved to $ 1.750 billion.

“A challenge”

Throughout the day, the Democratic speaker of the House of Representatives tried to keep his troops in order and to increase his enthusiasm for the president’s plans.

“The program we are putting forward is innovative, historic and has become a challenge,” she said in a letter to Democrats, describing the internal strife between the party’s elected officials.

But last-minute talks – moderately elected officials demanding the exact cost of these expensive expenses – froze the process and forced Congress leaders to postpone the vote once again.

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It is now predicted to be “before Thanksgiving” i.e. before November 25, according to Nancy Pelosi.

A small consolation to the president, despite this veteran figure in politics, said he “hopes” to vote in the House tonight on Joe Biden’s other big investment plan, which has a $ 1,200 billion envelope to repair the country’s dilapidated infrastructure. American Fleet of High-Speed ​​Internet and Electric Cars.

This massive investment project has already been approved in the Senate in mid-August, backed by elected officials from both parties. His approval in the House signifies victory (half-heartedly) to Joe Biden, who only has to accept the text.

Faced with an irreversible popularity rating in this week’s local election in Virginia, the president, weakened by an irreversible defeat, desperately needs that victory.

But the progressive wing of the Democratic Party has repeatedly warned that it will not support this text without guaranteeing the approval of the social and climate component of Joe Biden.

In the hands of Manchin

Biden visits to the Capitol, breakfasts with elected officials … The White House does its part to get support.

Because the US executive is repeating it over and over again: According to polls, presidential spending programs are very popular among Americans. However, during the midterm parliamentary elections, the Democrats exercised their slim majority in Congress within a year, which was always dangerous for the president.

Joe Biden, however, praised his debating skills during the presidential election campaign as he had a long career as a senator, making mistakes on these internal controversies.

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And the President is not at the end of his sentences.

After finally getting the green light from the elected officials in the Chamber, its main social component still needs to be approved in the Senate, where it risks being significantly modified.

Its fate is particularly in the hands of an elected official from West Virginia, Senator Joe Manchin, who said he feared the plan would further widen public debt and raise inflation.

In view of the very thin Democratic majority in the Senate, he actually has the right to veto the project.