May 24, 2022

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Bring out Americans by singing in French

Bring out Americans by singing in French

Québécoise When Josie Bovine launched her music project in 2018 under the name Munya, the last thing she imagined was that her dream pop songs in French would attract major American special media attention.

However, to his surprise, the influential pitchfork praised his song Kisses everywhere. She was invited to South by Southwest, where Spotify offered her support, the New York Times, Billboard And many other posts‌ have good words for her.

Even ambitious Tumbling stone Just joined the parade.

Josie Bovine, a little girl from Arvida, who grew up listening to Franకోois Hardy and watching music‌plus and trained in classical piano and jazz, still can’t believe it.

“I’m not Charlotte Cardin, but I ‘ve established my name in the American scene,” the young woman laughs, and she is grateful for everything that has happened to her, thanks to the author who is interested in these lines.

In the “Map”

In any case, this unexpected welcome proved to him that he did not have to sing only in English to enter the United States.

On his debut album Journey to Mars, Which will be released tomorrow on the American label Luminel Records, half of the 12 tracks are entirely or partly in French.

“Before I left the Munya project, I had no idea what language I wanted to write in. I wrote one in French and it seemed natural to me. I started the EP North Hotley Without any expectations. I never thought I would go to the United States at first. My songs in French put me on the “map” and it was really amazing. I think Americans love exotic, ”said a man who left Quebec a year before settling in New York.

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Dominated by bass and vapor synthesizers, Munya’s music can inspire his native Men’s Trust and Milk & Bones like artists like Beach House or Stereolab.

Science fiction fan

The title of her album acknowledges her love for science fiction, which was born when she saw the famous George Mellis film. Travel to the moon, Since 1902. She took over Tonight tonight, Smashing Pumpkins, whose music video was also inspired by Melissa.

Traveling in space is a recurring theme in the songs Journey to Mars.

“During the epidemic, I wanted to stay away from everything. I escaped with this desire to go to the stars, ”said the man who composed all his songs himself.

If we want to see her at home, on stage, we have to wait in 2022. She can’t wait. “I miss Quebec so much. “