May 27, 2023

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Saw affair: Cover by Valerie Plante according to Coderrey

Saw affair: Cover by Valerie Plante according to Coderrey

Lies and lack of transparency are words used by Denise Coderre to describe the file management of allegations of sexual harassment against Project Montreal candidate Craig Saw by Valerie Plante.

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“I believe Mr. Saw must resign, Ms Plante must apologize because she ‘contributed in some way to cover up’ her candidacy,” said Denise Coderre.

Minutes after the announcement, candidate Craig Saw announced that Valerie Plante had left the party.

As one of the hottest election campaigns in Montreal, candidate Denis Coderre is sure that the Montreals will vote in his favor on November 7.

“On the ground, people want change,” Le Bilan said in an interview with Shoki on Thursday evening.

According to Valerie Plante and, according to him, he denies the evil intentions of her party that tried to harm his campaign.

“You know, this is a dirty campaign from their side. I was very happy to conduct a clean campaign and talk about the issues. Unfortunately, they tried to derail, but people understood that we were having problems. They don’t want to have a village mayor, they want to have a mayor for a metropolis with powerful surroundings. Seek, ”explains the ensemble Montreal candidate.

When questioned for a long time about the disclosure of his employment contracts last year, Mr. Coderrey continued to defend himself by saying that he had no evil intentions and simply wanted to honor his masters.

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“When you sign a contract for me, when there are compensation and privacy agreements, before doing anything, I want to do things right and then say things,” he said.

Watch the full interview in the video above.