May 28, 2022

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In fashion, what is bubble tea?

Du bubble Tea

A real phenomenon among young people, bubble tea has settled in a few years. This unique tea coming from Taiwan was a success in France.

Bordeaux, Valenciannes, Touring… of Stalls Bubble tea Born all over France. Born in Taiwan, this refreshing and sophisticated drink is made with tea and tapioca nuts.

Also known as ‘boba tea’ or ‘pearl tea’, bubble tea is especially popular with young people. Born in 1980 it can be enjoyed hot or cold and can be filled with milk. When hit, it leaves a light foam on the surface. At the bottom of the drink, you will find more or less sweet and savory tapioca balls exploding in the mouth.

Gluten-free and natural, but …

If the bubble tea at the base is gluten free and natural, there will be more variations along with the fruit but less good for health, there will also be small pearls of different textures and colors, syrups, fragrances, milk or fruit juice. Therefore, this healthy drink becomes dangerous to health in terms of too many calories and high consumption.

Making your bubble tea at home is the best way to control the ingredients. To find Recipe ideas Or buy complete kits to make homemade bubble tea, see mybubblete site.

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