February 23, 2024

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Unnecessary Amazon warehouse in the Lower-Atlantic, causing interest to sections

Unnecessary Amazon warehouse in the Lower-Atlantic, causing interest to sections

We did not end the riots around Amazon in the Pays de la Loire area. The e-commerce giant has only a 10,000m delivery platform.2, Called the “Last Mile” at Corquefou near Nantes.

He had big dreams but, on October 25, He had to give up the 185,000 m² XXL warehouse he wanted to build in Montbert, In the Lower-Atlantic. Never mind! The next day, there were other candidates in the Amazon region. Reported himself.

No. Yannick Borde, various right-wing mayor of Saint-Berthevin (Mayen). He started on October 26th : “There may be a solution in the Laval complex: Park Grand-East.” And to explain: “Let’s sit around the table and discuss, rather than in anti-Amazon poses. ”

It didn’t take long for the “pose” to be heard. Various left-wing presidents of Laval Aglo, through the voice of this park manager: “I do not share Amazon’s social and environmental model. You will not be looking for a business that can compete with the local business. “

Taste of privacy

In the Lower-Atlantic, it’s slightly the same song between the Liberal Right and the Environmental Left. Demonstrations and policies have prompted elected officials to lean towards candidates for more secure implantation. The procrastination and secrecy culture of the American group did not help them either.

An example? The population has learned This XXL project in September 2020, When the building permit is filed for six months, thanks for the leakage! It would be annoying to have to bring 220 heavy goods vehicles and 3,200 light vehicles every day in town.

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But Sartre LR president Dominic Le Maner is not worried. He also hopes to carry out an Amazon project for his territory. Because of the job. In Montbert, there was talk of doubling the 1,000 jobs before Christmas or more in the season “Some maintain principles. We handle employment needs in a sector with more than 30,000 unemployed and 13,000 RSA beneficiaries ”, Dominic Le Manor explains.

“Increase grip”

Wasn’t he afraid of the sling‌ because there were so many people around Nantes? “If the Lower-Atlantic wants to make it a specialty and we take over businesses, that’s good for me.” Dominic Le Manor jokes.

He thought of a reception space for the Amazon in the Alonnes south of Mans, the required surface and the main property of Le Mans geography: “Five Branch Motorway” (Towards Paris, Nantes, Rennes, Rouen and Tours) … Here, as elsewhere, it remains to persuade the community of decision makers and its president PS, Stefan Le Fol, to be careful. “We’re going to study things together”, Said Sirte Boss.

In the cholet, Gilles Bourdoulix, The President’s DVD of the compound has an area of ​​58 hectares to propose for its part. He suggested launching a regional call for projects. A message to Crystelle Moran‌kais, LR president of Pace de la Louire, In Maine-Libre, pushes elected officials to apply. “It will position itself as Amazon VRP instead of protecting local jobs! And this group will take the opportunity to increase shares”, “he said. Selected regional ecologist Lucy Etono is investigating. “Amazon or not, there will always be competition”, Dominic Le Manor was outraged.

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