June 3, 2023

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Withdrawal of structure | The Imperial movie is closed indefinitely

Withdrawal of structure |  The Imperial movie is closed indefinitely

Imperial Cinema, located in the heart of downtown Montreal, has its doors closed indefinitely. Information that the cinema audience who had to attend the screening in the building on Friday night had to be evacuated. Tap.

Coralie Laplante

Coralie Laplante

Movie fans are gearing up to see the Supreme at the Imperial movie in the evening as part of the Sininia Festival, which has been in full swing since Tuesday. Event organizers had to vacate the room after being informed of problems in the building construction.

“Consultants have recommended that the Imperial Cinema be temporarily closed due to a collapse in the northeast corner of the building. We will follow the next steps recommended by these experts and if all goes well in a short time we will be able to resume operations, ”we read in a press release issued by the festival organization.

Confirms Imperial information. “Imperial Cinema, with the recommendation of the prevention and consultants, should go ahead with the temporary closure of its facilities, following a situation beyond our control that has affected some part of the building,” the Imperial film organizers wrote. Tap. The film hopes to “resume its operations soon”.

The Cinemania Festival has temporarily suspended ticket sales for the theatrical screening on Friday evening. Online sessions continue as usual.

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