May 19, 2022

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Live | 2021 Municipal Election Results

Live |  2021 Municipal Election Results

For the second time in two months, the Cubans called for Sunday’s election, this time to elect their elected municipal officials.

Follow election night developments on LCN and on our special broadcast on all our platforms.

The TVA Nouvelles team is on site to report results in major cities and municipalities in the province:


Candidates for mayor:

– Beverly Bernardo

– Denise Koderre Ensemble Montreal – Denis Koderre Team

– Jean Duval

– Balarama Holness – Montreal Movement

-Fong HU

– Widler Jules

– Luke Maynard – Montreal 2021

– Dmitry Morks

– Valerie Plante – Project Montreal – Team Valerie Plante (Outgoing Mayor)

– Gilbert Thebodo – Action Montreal – Team Gilbert Thebodo

To find out all the results in Montreal, See the link below.


Candidates for mayor:

– Patrice Fortin

– Alain Giason – Citizen Alliance of Quebec

– Jean-Franకోois Gocelin – Quebec 21 – Team JF Gosselin

– Bruno Marchand – Quebec is strong and proud

– Lucy Perrolt

– Jean Rousseau – Democracy Quebec

– Mary-Josie Saward – Team Mary-Josie Saward

– Jackie Smith – Transition Quebec

To find out all the results in Quebec, See the link below.


Candidates for mayor:

– Catherine Fournier (Coalition Language – Team Catherine Fournier)

– Josie Lottendress (Language Together – Josie Lottendress Team)

– Jacques Letorno (Action Language – Team Jacques Letorno)

– Jean-Marc Leville (Language Citizen – Team Jean-Marc Leville)

To find out all the results in Language, See the link below.


Candidates for mayor:

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– Pierre Anthian (My City Now – Pierre Anthian Team)

– Stephen Boyer (The Laval Movement – Stephen Boyer Team)

– Helen Gaupil

– Nicholas Lemire

– Michelle Point (Laval Citizens – Team Michelle Point)

– Michelle Trotier (Laval Party – Michelle Trotter Team)

– Sophie Trotter (Action Laval – Team Sophie Trotter)

– Redone Yahmi

To find out all the results in Laval, See the link below.


Candidates for mayor:

– France Belize

– Remy Bergeron

– Jean-Franకోois LeBlanc

– Abdelhaq Lekbabi

– Jacques Lemme

– Maud Marquis-Bisonet (Action Gatino)

To find out all the results in Gatineau, See the link below.


Candidates for mayor:

– Evelyn Budin

– Luke Fortin

– Steve Lucier (Outgoing Mayor)

– Patrick Tettlet

To find out all the results in Sherbrook, See the link below.

Three rivers

Candidates for mayor:

– Gilles Broder

– Jean Lamarche (Outgoing Mayor)

– Valerie Renaud-Martin

To find out all the results in Trois-Rivieres, See the link below.


Candidates for mayor:

– Claude Cote (Unison Sagune)

– Julie Dufour

– Catherine Morissette

– Josie Neran – Democratic Renewal Team (Outgoing Mayor)

– Serge Simard

– Jasinthe Vilan‌court

To find out all the results on Saguenay, See the link below.


Candidates for mayor:

– Elhadji Mamadou Diara (Rethink Lewis)

– Chamroyun Kwan

– Mary’s Labranche

– Gilles Lehoulier – Lewis Force 10 – Team Lehoulier (Outgoing Mayor)

– Andre Voir

To find out all the results in Lewis, See the link below.

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Candidates for mayor:

– Guy Karen

– Virginie Prolks

To find out all the results in Rimoski, See the link below.


Candidates for mayor:

– Jean-Marc Belzil

– Diane Dailer (Outgoing Mayor)

– Wuani Gzoia

– Philippe Marquis

To find out all the results in Rouyn-Noranda, See the link below.

Mayors are elected without opposition

Mayors of five of Quebec’s 30 most populous cities were elected unopposed:

Dollard-des Ormax (Alex Bottowski – Outgoing mayor)

Victoriaville (Antoine Tordiff)

Vadroil-Dorian (Guy Pilan – Vadroil-Dorin Action Party – Outgoing mayor)

Boucherville (Jean Martel – Team Jean Martel – Citizens’ Choice – Outgoing mayor)

Salaberry-de-Valleyfield (Miguel Lemieux – Outgoing mayor)

Is your city not on this list? Find out All results are here.