April 2, 2023

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Netflix Gaming is available in France

Netflix Gaming is available in France

Netflix has launched its Netflix gaming offer in France. Called Netflix Jeux in the French version of the site‌, the new video game service of number one streaming has already entered some European countries since this summer. This formalization is an opportunity for video game enthusiasts to try out a new platform to play.

A very discreet experiment

After An announcement was made last May that Netflix Games had officially landed in France. However, it is a bit of a shy experiment. In fact, service Currently restricted to users of smartphones or tablets under Android. IPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows PC users need to be more patient.

Additionally, it is limited to the most basic games. The company claims that this is just the beginning and that the video game experience on the platform will continue to grow. Where experience is still intended for regular gamers, real gamers will have to wait a while to access more sophisticated genres.

5 games are available

For its debut, Netflix Gaming offers a catalog of 5 games. Then we find:

  • Stranger Things 1984
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game
  • Shooting Hoops
  • Card Blast
  • Teater up.

As mentioned above, these first games are still very simple and adapt to the family environment. Rather than Stranger Things 3: The Game, All these titles Available only through the Netflix Games service. We can expect more specs when it comes to other ops on the platform.

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As mentioned earlier, Netflix games are still only available on Android. Therefore, you need to have a device that works with Google OS to take advantage of the service.

For those who meet these criteria, launch the app and go to the newly created Netflix Games section. There, we can choose from 5 games currently available as well as other upcoming ones. On the tablet, you can use the drop-down menu directly to select games.

Also noted that Netflix games are not a cloud gaming platform. In fact, game selection on the platform will automatically lead to a download page in the Google Play Store. Therefore, it takes Download the game and install it directly on the device. It is then necessary to provide the necessary storage space to receive them. While this is not a big issue for currently available games, it can significantly affect the arrival storage of more greedy titles.

How much do Netflix games cost?

Leader in streaming VOD wanted to clarify that access Netflix games do not require any additional fees. So, it is enough to take a subscription on the platform to access it. Additionally, on all devices connected to the account, the service is available within the limit of simultaneous screens allowed by the membership.

This is a small advantage among other things after the recent rise in Netflix prices. Additionally, some solutions, such as using a VPN service to pay less for Netflix, may not work. Of course, the selected location may not yet allow you to enjoy Netflix games.