May 18, 2022

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Snow Birds camp near the border

Snow Birds camp near the border

Anxious to leave for the United States the minute the borders reopen early tomorrow, the fever-stricken Snowbirds are making final touches to their preparations yesterday at a camp site 2.5 km from the lines.

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“We leave at midnight and get there as soon as it reopens,” said Robert Leriche, 69, clearly laughing with a fever.

He and his partner for the past 50 years, Jean-Claude Dubuque, 68, are staying away from those preparing to leave for Florida near the border post of the same name, at the Domain Le Dauphinis camp site in Hemingford.

“If I never see you again, good winter!” He said cheerfully with one of his neighbors who was here for the winter.

Robert Leriche and Jean-Claude Ledeck can't wait to move to Florida with their dog Caesar.

Photo by Martin Allari

Robert Leriche and Jean-Claude Ledeck can’t wait to move to Florida with their dog Caesar.

By tomorrow, most of the 200 residents at the camp site will be heading south. Then, other travelers arrive one night a week, before continuing their route, explained estate director Manon Laoi.

“The camp site was packed. They can’t wait to leave. I hope to spend the night, she said. Usually people leave in October. “

Ms. Lavoie travelers are advised to check their border post before departure, as some of them open at midnight and others at 6 or 8 in the morning.

Warm winter

Near his recreational vehicle, 66-year-old Michelle Labros, prepares to clean his bike and his wife while waiting for a six-month stay in the South.

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“We’re really excited, we ‘ve been thinking about it for a long time. We’ll not be spending another winter in the winter.Is November, ”he stressed.

Michel Labrose and his wife head south from the Domain Le Dauphinis campus in Hemmingford at dawn.

Photo by Martin Allari

Michel Labrose and his wife head south from the Domain Le Dauphinis campus in Hemmingford at dawn.

The couple plans to leave early tomorrow morning to skip those in the midnight queue. After that, it will be their turn to embark on their adventure.

“When we go to cross the border, it is checked. [Nos proches] They are happy with our crossing because they know we have been waiting a long time, ”adds Nomad, who does not park in one place for more than 15 days.

Patience, patience

Despite rushing to show off their beach flip flops, 66-year-old Robert Geoffrey and his wife, Suzanne Dionne, 63, are waiting another week to get on the road to cross the first wave of Snow Birds.

“Can you imagine the border congestion!” The people there eat in one place, eat in one place, sleep in one place … be a little patient, ”the 60-year-old explained. Gives a smile on his face.

However, since they are usually warmer than Laurentians who spend the summer, they stay in Hemmingford, Monterey all week.

“It will take us another week to see the grandchildren! She adds Mrs. Dionne, flattering her dogs Diego and Sally.

In a basement

Last year, the couple hoped to wait near the border until the end of November.

Ms. Dion and Mr. Geoffrey had to decide to live “in the in-laws’ basement as a young man” for the winter, selling their home to adopt a nomadic lifestyle in February 2020, M. Geofrian.

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“Too much timing,” the former trucker laughs impatiently to start the long journey.

In order to travel to the United States or Mexico, travelers crossing the border must be vaccinated twice.

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