May 24, 2022

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Raymond Rugo Roden became mayor

Raymond Rugo Roden became mayor

Former professional wrestler Raymond Rugo won his election Sunday evening and is now Roden Mayor of the Lanaudier area.

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The man, who has served as deputy mayor since 2013, sidelined the opposition because he and his six councilors won all the seats. The former color bearer of the World Wrestling Federation (today, World Wrestling Entertainment) charged 60.87%. Her rival Chantal Grenier received 39.13% of the vote.

“I am very proud of the work done by my entire team of counselors and all of the volunteers. Even today, I have 24 operators to vote for. I am the main contractor for the entire campaign, I have a game plan and I am proud to never deviate from my plan. I went door to door and saw that the campaign had received false information. Things I can hear … I don’t even vote for myself! So we and my team had to work very hard on the pitch to rectify the situation. But I am proud to say that we have conducted a clean and positive campaign, ”the winner commented in an interview with TVA Sports columnist Patrick Laprod.

Rugo, 66, has been a councilor five times since 2002 and has been involved in municipal administration since the turn of the century. He replaces Bruno Gilbolt, who chose not to try his luck again.

Read the full text of the Raymond Rugo interview.

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