May 28, 2022

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Complaints to the Office of the Official Languages ​​Commissioner against Michael Rousseau

Complaints to the Office of the Official Languages ​​Commissioner against Michael Rousseau

The speech made by Air Canada President and CEO Michael Rousseau in English has now generated a record number of complaints to the Office of the Official Languages ​​Commissioner.

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As of Monday, the office of Commissioner Raymond Theberg had received more than 2,000 complaints.

It said last week that it had not received complaints only from Quebec.

Ironically, the air carrier was warned by the Commissionerate of the provocative consequences of the English-speaking speech.

“We were worried about the reaction [de la population]. […] In my opinion, it is unfortunate that our concerns are not accepted, “Mr. Theberg told LCN Airwave last week.

The situation angered the political community in both Quebec and Ottawa after Michael Russo stated that he could have lived very well in Montreal without learning French in response to a question asked by our journalist Pierre-Olivier Zappa.

From the speech, Michael Rousseau apologized and promised to learn French. An unrecognized promise in the office of Deputy Prime Minister Christiaan Freeland has prompted Air Canada to ask its president to learn the Moliere language.

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