May 24, 2022

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Election of Catherine Fournier | QS will not open the field to Saint-Pierre Plamandon in Mary-Victorine

Election of Catherine Fournier |  QS will not open the field to Saint-Pierre Plamandon in Mary-Victorine

(Quebec) Liberal leader Dominic Anglade has invited Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon to run for Mary-Victorine, while the Quebec Solidair has stated that it will not open the field to the PQ leader if he chooses to run on the now empty riding. Catherine Fornier elected mayor of Langue.

Funny Levesk

Funny Levesk

Charles Lecavalier

Charles Lecavalier

If the Liberal Party of Quebec tried its luck in Mary-Victorine‌ and other political parties did the same Mr. Saint-Pierre confirmed that the sector would be open to Plantation. The constituency has now been free since Catherine Fornier was elected Mayor of Langue on Sunday.

The Liberal leader said she wanted to honor the tradition of not submitting an opponent to an additional parliamentary leader hoping to enter the National Assembly – which is not always respected. If the party proposes a candidate other than the Quebec leader, the Liberals will clearly field a candidate in the riding.

The party Quebecois has not yet commented on the upcoming by-election in Mary-Victorine. Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon did not expect to announce his colors in the coming days. But Quebec Solidair is already making its own statement: it does not want to prevent citizens from expressing themselves. “Parliamentary traditions should no longer deter citizens […] There are political choices, ”Gabriel Bryce-Harvey, the party’s communications coordinator, said in a written response. Tap.

Substitute for CAQ

By morning, the QS had not yet made that decision, but saw the by-election as an “opportunity”. “We’ll go to work and meet in the coming days and weeks to plan our game in Mary-Victorine,” said Mr. Nadeau-Dubois.

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We must believe that this reflection happened sooner than expected. By evening, QS had already announced its colors. The Left Party wants to take advantage of the “fresh air” in many municipalities in Quebec on Sunday. “People want to talk about housing, the environment, public transportation. We do the same in Mary-Victorine. An alternative to CAQ is Québec solidaire, ”says M.Me Harvey.

The Legalt government does not intend to hold these elections in the shortest possible time. Mary-Victorin argued that citizens had already gone to the polls in the federal election and did so in the municipal election. Voting on December 13 or 20, if partially triggered in the next few days, is not an option for Quebec. The decision will be made next year. The government has six months to call by-elections, but it is difficult to wait until the last minute for the general election to take place on October 3, 2022.

Catherine Fornier, elected under the PQ banner in 2018, has been an independent candidate since leaving the party Quebecois in March 2019. Coalition Avenir Quebec came in second. Quebec Solidair and Liberals ranked third and fourth in 2018, respectively.

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