May 28, 2022

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Attack on Capital | Prince Harry warns Twitter CEO

Attack on Capital |  Prince Harry warns Twitter CEO

(London) Prince Harry said he had warned the Twitter chief executive before the January 6 capital riots that he was using a social media site to create political unrest in the US capital.

Harry made the remarks Tuesday while attending an online misinformation panel in California. He said he shared his concerns with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey via email the day before the riots.

“Jack and I were sending emails before January 6 and I warned him that his platform allowed him to prepare for the coup,” Prince Harry told the RE: WIRED technical forum. “This email was sent the day before, it happened and I have not heard from him since. ”

Social media sites are on fire for not doing enough to stop the spread of misinformation and provocative content, and Donald Trump supporters are not the only ones attacking the United States Capital. Just an example. It is often alleged that large tech companies keep development and profits above public safety.

Prince Harry has accused other social media sites such as Facebook of misleading “billions of people” with false information about COVID-19 and climate change. He also targeted YouTube, claiming that many of the videos that spread false information about COVID-19 violated the site’s own policies and were kept online.

“And worst of all, it’s displayed to users through a recommendation tool on YouTube’s own algorithm that the user is actually looking for,” he said. “It really shows that it will be discontinued, but they are reluctant to stop because it will affect their results.”

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Harry and his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, announced in early 2020 that they were stepping down from their royal duties and moving to North America, citing British media intolerable intrusions on their privacy, which they also accused of racism.

Meghan Markle, former star of the American series “Suites” (“Suits: The Two Are a Pair”) in Quebec, married Prince Harry, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II in Windsor Castle in May 2018.