May 24, 2022

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Attack on Capital | The court authorized Trump to transmit the documents to Congress

Attack on Capital |  The court authorized Trump to transmit the documents to Congress

(Washington) A U.S. court on Tuesday authorized supporters of former President Donald Trump to send documents to a parliamentary commission to keep secret documents related to the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

Federal Judge Tanya Chutkan wrote in her decision that the court needed to respond in the public interest to the joint wishes of the legislature and the executive branch to study the events leading up to January 6, several media outlets reported.

Donald Trump specifically wanted to prevent hundreds of documents, including lists of people who visited or called him on the day of the attack on the capital, from being circulated to the House of Representatives Committee, which is controlled by Democrats.

The Republican billionaire specifically called for the executive ‘right to keep certain information confidential.

“Presidents are not kings and plaintiffs are not presidents,” Judge Chutkan stressed in the court document.

Lawyers for Donald Trump have already expressed their desire to appeal the ruling, the government reported. Washington Post.

Judge Chutcon’s statement came as a parliamentary committee investigating the attack on Congress on Tuesday launched a new round of sub – chaplains for the former president’s relatives.

Photo by Brendan Smylovsky, Agency France-Press Archives

Former White House spokeswoman Kylie McNani

“As a White House spokesman, you have made a number of public statements in the White House and elsewhere about fraud in the November 2020 election. [des allégations] It was echoed by the people who attacked the capital on January 6, ”the commission said in a summons against Mr.Me McNani.

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Shortly before the attack on Congress, Stephen Miller, a close adviser to Donald Trump, was also subpoenaed for preparing with his team a speech made by a Republican billionaire at a January 6 rally near the White House.

Mr. Trump’s other relatives in the new round of summons include former presidential aide Nicholas Luna, former White House deputy chief of staff Christopher Liddell and then vice president Mike Pence’s national security adviser Keith Kellogg. .

“We believe the witnesses who subpoenaed today have relevant information and we hope they will cooperate in the investigation,” said Benny Thompson, the commission’s chairman and Democrat ‘.

A parliamentary committee on Monday announced other summonses, including members of the Donald Trump campaign team, such as Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser to the former Republican president, or his former campaign manager, Bill Stephen.

As part of the investigation, the commission has already interviewed more than 150 people, according to Republican-elected spokeswoman Liz Cheney.